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Best month for China

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  • Best month for China

    Just wanted to know what would be the best month to visit China.
    please help...
    any idea would be appreciated.

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    Re: Best month for China

    I don't know the best time. I do know that July is extremely hot and humid--probably not the best time. One of our guides said that many factories and other heavy work places used to close when temps were above 40 degrees Celsius, but now those temps are so common that they just go ahead and work through them; otherwise, they would be closed much of the time in the summer.


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      Re: Best month for China

      hi, i can tell the best month for travel to China. becase China have different area in big land.

      i can tell u that check the weather before u going to China.

      for example, if u want going to Beijing city that it's the best month is 4 - 6 and want going to Xiamen city that it's the beat month is after 10.

      and u also can find some city's travel pictures from China Pictures travel website for preview some spots.

      good luck


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        Re: Best month for China

        We just got back from China.

        Prior to booking the trip, I checked for the cities we were going to visit. You can check monthly averages. I found this helpful.

        Disclaimer... the average temp in Hong Kong in November is 70 (20C). Well, it was upper 80's.
        The average temp in Beijing in November is 50 (10C). If you've been reading the headlines, you may have noticed that it was 32F (0C) last week (when we were there). So much for planning.


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          Re: Best month for China

          Well…The months of April, May, September and October are ideal months for travel anywhere in the country of China. Usually May, September and October are the peak tourist months at China's most popular destinations when the weather is most comfortable for everyone , but prices are higher, and everywhere is more crowded.Its depends on you that where you want to go means in the different places the effect of weather is different. So I think it's best to get a clear idea of where you want to go in China and plan accordingly.

          travel tips blog


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            Re: Best month for China

            well im in beijing. the best month is absolutely October!!! april and may are dry and sorta hot. i hav no idea about the other cities:P


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              Re: Best month for China

              We were there in September. Beiing was lovely- mid 80's- comfortable for walking and great for watching all the activities in the local parks. Then we were in Yangshuo--it was 105!! The weather charts did not predict that temp!! Hot and humid. We still enjoyed ourselves but we took a lot of showers. We were also glad that we packed all zip off pants which were easily washed in the shower and dried quickly.


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                Re: Best month for China

                Shangri-La Climate
                The best time to visit is March to August. During this period, the weather is favorable and the wild flowers are in bloom here and there. September or October is also a favorable month. This is fall harvest time and the entire plateau becomes a golden world.


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                  Re: Best month for China

                  With its vast land and a variety of different places, China has so many scenic spots of interests that have different views in various times of a year.
                  JANUARY: best time to go guangzhou, harbin, haikou;
                  FEBRUARY: best time to go changchun;
                  MARCH: best time to go hangzhou, kunming, dali, xiamen;
                  APRIL: best time to go yangzhou, wuyuan, zhangjiajie, suzhou;
                  MAY: best time to go lhasa, shanghai, qingdao;
                  JUNE: best time to go daocheng, chengdu, inner mongolia autonomous region, tibet, xinjiang;
                  JULY: best time to go yangshuo, xining, inner mongolia autonomous region,tibet,xinjiang;
                  AUGUST: best time to go lijiang, lushan, inner mongolia autonomous region, tibet,xinjiang;
                  SEPTEMBER: best time to go jiuzhaigou/huanglong, dalian, jinan, lanzhou, beijing, tianjin,inner mongolia autonomous region, tibet,xinjiang;
                  OCTOBER: best time to go beijing, wuhan, xiamen, tianjin;
                  NONEMBER: best time to go xishuangbannan, xian;
                  DECEMBER: best time to go sanya, hong kong, macau.
                  Traveling is life.


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                    Re: Best month for China

                    Which city? I mean if you want to enjoy some custom of the country, Late Jan to early Feb is the best, cold though.
                    And I think Beijing would be great to visit in Autumn, saying Oct to Nov. The view will be great by then. Other cities like Shanghai or HongKong, any time is of no difference.


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                      Re: Best month for China

                      Except Spring Festival, May 1 - May 7 (Labor day) and October 1 - October 7(National Day), any other time is good time travel to China.


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                        Re: Best month for China

                        April & October are best month to China. But should avoid Oct. 1 to Oct. 7 big holidays.


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                          Re: Best month for China

                          I was in China last year with my family. I would refer month of October.


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                            Re: Best month for China

                            I guess April to August is the best period to visit China because of the best season and the weather.


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                              Re: Best month for China

                              I went to China in July. I don't regret going then because it was a wonderful trip, but the weather was extremely hot, especially when we were in Wuhan. I like hot weather, but when it gets above 100 Farehenheit, it is too hot to be comfortable. So I don't advise most people to go to China in the middle of the summer unless you are going only to the more mountaneous regions where it will be cooler.