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Kayaking in Vietnam

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  • Kayaking in Vietnam

    Vietnam has many kinds of kayakings as sea kayaks, river kayaks and lake kayaks.
    Kayaking in Vietnam, one of the most popular water sports in Vietnam, will bring you close to the natural beauties of the country and who knows you might just discover a rare jewel tucked away amidst the seascapes.
    Many kayaking place which is the most famous in Vietnam

    Ha long bay: The most famous place for kayaking in Vietnam. Kayak is also the best way to explore how beautiful Halong is, to paddle through islets, to visit hidden caves, lagoons, unspoiled beaches, floating-fishing village, to talk with local fish-man.
    Thanks to thousands of islands on the bay, the water is calm, the current is fine, and the wind is not too strong are ideal condition for sea-kayaking.

    Mekong river: exploring narrow channels, floating markets, daily life, orchards in the Delta.
    The favorable conditions of Calm water, light current, good mother-boat are to enable us to build kayaking tours in Mekong River.

    BaBe lake: Exploring peaceful river, beautiful lake, daily life, local market...

    Cat ba island: Cat Ba Island is situated in Ha Long Bay, 50 km to the east of Hai Phong City, in Northern Vietnam.Going Cat ba island we can see beautiful scienery....

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    Re: Kayaking in Vietnam

    Thanks for the information mate. This definitely helps.


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      Re: Kayaking in Vietnam

      Halong bay is very beautiful!!


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        Re: Kayaking in Vietnam

        i have never been there but hope it wiil be fine i m planning to go there


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          Re: Kayaking in Vietnam

          Originally posted by bigviolet View Post
          Halong bay is very beautiful!!
          That's right. Halong Bay is great.
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