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Nightclubbing in Hong Kong

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  • Nightclubbing in Hong Kong

    If anyone likes the night life of big cities, the neon lights on Hong Kong will not disappoint. I went their last year to visit a friend and was amazed at the modern, hip clubs they have going there! We had a great time dancing it up and met a lot of cool people.

    Even if you aren't into that scene, piano bars and jazz clubs are just about as prevalent as discos; these people stay up until all hours of the night, socializing and enjoying themselves.

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    Re: Nightclubbing in Hong Kong

    I know you posted this way back in 2001, but if you have any current info can you let me know? I am going to HK in December this year.


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      Re: Nightclubbing in Hong Kong

      Any recommendations on great lower-priced clubs in HK?


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        Re: Nightclubbing in Hong Kong


        Any updates in night life in HK?


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          Re: Nightclubbing in Hong Kong

          I am also going to Hong Kong in December, so any bar/club suggestions would be appreciated. Places to meet people and hang out whether by myslef or with colleagues would be ideal Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


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            Re: Nightclubbing in Hong Kong

            I know you guys are inquiring about HK way years ago, and still no updates until now ..anyways, for the sake of others who will visit HK in the near future here are few details you may consider.

            For Cheap and affordable hostels/hotel, try the Good Rich Hotel at Woo Sung Street near Jordan MTR Station, their rooms are little bit small but good for 2 persons and recommended for backpackers. The best of this hotel is that downstairs is the so called night market and street food restaurant.

            If you are traveling by 4, you can try to avail their express train promo which is 150HK$ 4 MTR pass instead of paying 99 each. If not you may travel thru bus for 1.5 hours less traffic going to the city.

            Ninghtclubbing, try the Hei Hei Club at Hongkong Central, they provide cocktail and buffet event parties for the rich and famous, so be sure to drop by at your most fashionable attire.


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              Re: Nightclubbing in Hong Kong

              I was recently in Hong Kong :-) (2 weeks ago) and I also enjoyed the nightlife :-D So of course the first point is if you are female.... the ladies night.... there you can get drinks in LKF for free... amazing... But beside this I was glad to have a good travel guide. And no, this time I didn't use a LonelyPlanet :-D I used a video guide on a rental mobile phone, called Ask Ting Ting. The good thing was, especially for the nightlife, you just have a phone like everyone does, but in there I had complete guiding software with maps and recommendations for clubbing included. Because I HATE if somebody looking at me me while i am reading a map and takes this as invitation to talk to me :-D But anyway, the nightlife in HK is really amazing and I love to just spend the whole night in LKF and then take the first ferry in the morning :-)


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                Re: Nightclubbing in Hong Kong

                hey can any one please give me some list of pubs and bars in honkkong.and please have some insurance before having some dangerous thing