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    hey there i was wondering if any one could point me in the direction of some websites that offer volunteer program's concerned with environment sustainability, in the south pacific islands. I have looked but only seem to come across middle men asking for lots of money up front, there must be cheaper ways of doing this, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: eco volunteer work/expeditions

    Hi there,

    There is a great magazine and website, and which in my opinion, is one of the foremost resources on organizations that help folks like you get connected to Volunteer Organizations which are amazingly enrinching to so many intrepid travelers. We also have an article on the topic that I wrote in our "Features" section and here is a link to it for you:

    I can tell you from all my research in writing the article and reading, that there aren't many Volunteer opportunities in the South Pacific, at least not in the desirable tourist locations. There are islands that are not considered ideal to visit at all, and hence may need help. But I don't recall seeing that part of the world showing up much on the grid for Volunteer opportunities.

    The opportunities tend to exist more in South and Central America, parts of Asia, Africa and some even in the US.

    Start with the website and the article (full of links to many other websites you'll want to check out) and let us know how you are doing on your search for a Volunteer vacation destination! These types of trips are becoming increasingly popular in today's world with people realizing what things are like outside and away from where we live and how much help is needed in other places. And it isn't all about work...there is enough free time plugged into the daily schedule so as to permit you time to explore and immerse yourself in your surroundings and the culture.

    It's a great thing to want to do and I hope it works out for you!
    Colleen Costello
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