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The Reefs

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  • The Reefs

    Has anyone stayed here? I've heard good things about it. Do they have any heated pools? I'm worried about it being warm enough.

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    Re: The Reefs

    I went on line at for this hotel and it is under construction to become a members only resort. It did not allow me to book a room so it seems that the hotel part is not open.
    I found the link by emailing the Bermuda travel oofice but i think it was just
    Let me know if you find out something different as my husband stayed there 20 years ago when it was another name and wanted to return


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      Re: The Reefs

      The Reefs is very much open for business now. They have gone upmarket and the website talks about the 'luxury' side but in my opinion misses the real unique point of staying at The Reefs which is the fabulous private beach and ocean directly in front of the resort. Perfect sand and a well stocked bar within arms reach, but more importantly the water here is teeming with life. There are loads of little 'islands' of rock which calm the waves and provide a home for masses of marine life. Check out the photo of The Reefs Resort on this page and you will see what I mean. All you need is a pair of fins, goggles and snorkel and you can enter a world very very different to ours up on the surface. My tip though is to wear a t-shirt otherwise, you can burn your back horribly spending an hour or so floating face down above a shoal of fishes.