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Saving Money in the Caribbean

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  • Saving Money in the Caribbean

    What are the best ways to keep your costs down while traveling in the Caribbean? Check out our 25 tips below and then share your own here!

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    Sarah Schlichter
    Senior Editor
    Independent Traveler

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    Re: Saving Money in the Caribbean

    I definitely do the grocery store thing -- much cheaper to buy some fruit, yogurt and bread than to pay for a hotel's breakfast. I buy big old gallons of water too.
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      Re: Saving Money in the Caribbean

      I would first suggest that you not spend the ridiculous amount for all-inclusives, even though they tell you about the great savings. who is really going to eat and drink that much? Come on, and then you have to pay crazy amounts for the activities they offer. I suggest a nice bed & breakfast or hostel. In Jamaica there are pretty nice ones in the Ochi Rios area. I personally stayed at Paradise Jamaica (you can search for it online) and it was really nice. I mean nothing will really compare to thebig hotels, but when you are going on vacation you just want somewhere nice and comfortable to fall asleep. You will save sooooooo much by going this route, and have a chance to really experience what Jamaica has to offer, rather than the fakeness and pretending that goes on in some of those big hotels.