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    DOMINICA – a secret I am hesitant to share but a place so hidden I have to boast that I even heard of it! Only a day trip from east coast U.S.A., yet worlds away. Dominica is the exception to the Caribbean, with cool summer nights and no mainstream tourism traffic. My newly wedded wife and I just returned from our weeklong honeymoon there. I have to say I took a risk in planning a romantic get away in such a remote place. I wasn’t positively sure she’d like it, but we needed something different, something unique to experience together. I was reassured by her constant amazement at the friendly people and majestic scenery. I think she even got used to my navigation of hairpin turns and driving on the left side of the road!
    Perhaps it was the absolute seclusion we found at the major attractions that kept her smiling. In one weeks time we saw two pristine waterfalls (Middleham and Victoria – both around a 200 foot drop), snorkeled in “champagne bubbles”, and hiked to the Boiling Lake through sulpher spouting fumaroles. It was totally wild yet everywhere was safe. It made me look pretty good as trip coordinator! I’d love to take all the credit for doing my homework and planning ahead but we scrapped our agendas and went with the “flow” when we got there. That’s where Ron and Jean came in…our hosts and newfound friends at Crescent Moon Cabins. After breakfast we’d pull out the big map and they would point us in the right direction. I would definitely recommend them if you make it down there. It is a real special spot and you don’t waste any time feeling uncomfortable. Quiet mountain location, food’s terrific and the hospitality is right on. Kudos to them!
    Dominica is truly what you see when you think of Eden! All kinds of bazaar fruits and vegetables, unreal looking plants, tropical rainforest, and volcanic sand beaches are all on one island. We met a lot of interesting people and learned some things about Caribbean culture. All the while feeling safe and welcome, and well within the budget.
    So, here I am back in the office, still daydreaming about it a month later. Dominica IS the treasure everyone is looking for. I just hope you go two at a time and not spoil it….

    John Watson
    New York