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What is required for taking prescription drugs thru customs?

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  • What is required for taking prescription drugs thru customs?

    I carry my heart meds etc in one of those 7 compartment "day" pill containers. Is this ok for going thru customs in Jamaica? Anyone have any experience with this?

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    Re: What is required for taking prescription drugs thru customs?

    I am not sure about how Jamaica's customs work, but I know that a lot of my family members and friends bring an official note from their doctor with his/her contact information in case of any trouble. I'd say give your doc a ring and see if he/she can help you out at all. Have a great time!


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      Re: What is required for taking prescription drugs thru customs?

      Strangley enough, I came across relevant info on this topic today while doing some trip research for my sister who will soon be visiting India.

      What I saw regarding RX meds was interesting and I believe I saw it on the State Department website regarding health matters.
      As it pertains to tranquilizers, sedatives, anti-depressants and painkillers (these drugs were specifically singled out) was that it was advisable to have a letter (on office stationery) signed by your doctor exactly what you are prescribed (including the generic name because brand names vary by country) to minimize any prospective delays that may arise out of a search of your carry on (where all of your RX meds SHOULD be carried) so that the officers realize you aren't drug trafficking. It's sad, but drug trade goes on all the time and it seems to be a popular money maker for terrorists (on the extreme side of the regulation) and so hence the heightened scrutiny of anyone carrying certain types of meds.

      You should also carry all of your medications in their actual RX bottle because on the bottle will be the # of pills that were originally in the bottle, the doctor's name, the name of the pharmacy and the name of the drug. Your pill carrier is for your convenience I know but if you dole out your meds into the container and then leave the bottles home, when or if your medication container is examined, you could be delayed for who knows how long until it can be proven that your medication is legitamite. Don't take chances and avoid hassles by heeding the advice of the State Department when it comes to health issues!

      Good luck
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