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  • International travel with pet

    I would like to know if there are any ships either freight/passenger or cruisers that allow a pet dog to be taken on board from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Boston, MA or New York, NY. I would sure appreciate any help you are able to give. Thanks. Pete35

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    Re: International travel with pet

    Oh dear, animals except service dogs on any cruise ship, with the exception of the Queen Mary2, which acts as a ferry between UK and NY....animals are taken to kennels on deck, and looked after until you land, although you can visit.
    Your only hope would be with freight lines, who might help out.....try e-mailing companies which do the journey from Argentina to the USA.
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      Re: International travel with pet

      Thank you Jocap. Yes, I am discovering that this is indeed a difficult thing to do. I will of course, follow your suggestion and hope for good news but I'm beginning to doubt it.


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        Re: International travel with pet

        Many thanks, Jo. I was afraid that might be the case. I will take your advice nevertheless and call the companies you suggested.


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          Re: International travel with pet

          I had done some research on traveling with my pet a long while ago and found many online resources. There are MORE since I last checked! Here is just one of the companies I found that can help you get your pet to where you are going, although your pet may be traveling separately and that may or may not be stressful, but it's possible. Here is just one of many, many companies I found in my search:
          but there were so many that came up in my search.

          If a freight ship will accept your pet, just be sure to book your passage well in advance as freight lines only have very limited capacity to take on travelers. I wish you and your dog a successful and happy trip!
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