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Saraquipi vs. Tortuguero?

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  • Saraquipi vs. Tortuguero?

    Tortuguero sounds quite amazing, but is Sarapiqui's Carribean-side ecosystem a clear step down in terms of wildlife experiences? We've read about the Sarapiqui area - Isla la Heliconias, Rara Avis, La Selva Biological Station, kayak jungle tours, etc - and it sounds like you can get pretty far off the beaten track and that there's lots and lots of wildlife. I ask because it seems like Tortuguero will easily be more expensive, maybe quite a bit more, and there won't be turtles to see when we're there in Feb. That said, we're up for paying a reasonable amount more *if* the wildlife experience and/or the place itself is clearly superior. On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate them for wildlife experiences? If you don't know both places well, but know someone who does, could you refer me?