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Pre Paid I Pad data card for Costa Rica?

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  • Pre Paid I Pad data card for Costa Rica?

    Is there a pre pad data card I can purchase for my I Pad when I travel in Costa Rica for two weeks? I probably would need 2GB of data.
    Would there also be a pre paid data card I could purchase for my laptop?

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    Re: Pre Paid I Pad data card for Costa Rica?

    Hi Madelon,

    I'm wondering....since iPads also work on Wi-Fi, would it be possible to just find a hotel with Wi-Fi (I realize wi-fi might not quite be the same as at home, but Costa Rica is a pretty popular destination) and then, local wi-fi locations for when you are out and about? I know the speed may not quite be the same, but you would have access. I did a search for pre-paid data cards and didn't come up with anything but that doesn't mean that there aren't SIM cards available in Costa Rica, but I imagine it would require some shopping around to find who had the best rates. Also, you could check with your carrier here to see if you can buy international access....that is what mostly came up in the search, such as AT&T and Verizon. I couldn't tell if they sold it short term, or there were just international add-on plans.

    That said, everyone seems to travel with an iPad these days so there has to be a way, I am sure. The world is connected!!
    Good luck and have a great trip.
    Colleen Costello
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