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Best months to visit England??

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  • Best months to visit England??


    My boyfriend and I are thinking of visiting England w/in the next few months and are wondering when the weather really starts to turn nasty. We'd like to perhaps go in September. Any thoughts?


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    Weather in England

    Oddly enough, this very topic came up yesterday in a discussion among friends. Who had bad weather in Jan/ friend did, who had great weather same time last Another friend visited last year in August (just London) and it was great.

    There's really no guarantee on how the weather will be anyplace, anywhere. Sure there are temperature averages, precip averages etc but if one is visiting for one or two weeks, than the averages aren't as meaningful. My rule of thumb is and always has been that I go and just expect anything but hope for the best. If I don't get the best - though most of the time things generally seem to work out weather wise - then I just try and make the best with what I've got because I'm usually in an exciting place, seeing things I love or maybe have never seen before and having wonderful experiences, rain or shine.

    Remember that in almost every destination - except for maybe beach vacations - there's almost always as much to do INSIDE and there is to do OUTSIDE so if one is a bit flexible with one's itinerary, one can hit museums, castles or whatever on a rainy day and walkabouts for better days.

    London is situated within a notoriously odd weather pocket and so clouds and rain are as common as snow on the Alpine tips. That said, there's no reason to believe you won't experience some sunny London weather.

    Finally, if you've got the time and money set aside to go in September, then go in September!! England is a lovely country and rain or shine, there is so much to see and do that I doubt you'll be disappointed. On my January trip last year I was in England (including London of course) and Scotland I had better weather than I'd ever imagined I could get. Just pack a small umbrella and/or one of those lightweight, weatherproof anoraks that fold up easy into your daypack and just go and ENJOY! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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      Best month to visit England

      September can be a beautiful month in England. If you can go in Septemberyou would enjoy it. The school holidays are over, so sightseing is a little quieter. Families with school age children like to take their holidays before school resumes, normally about 8th September. The weather is often very nice in September.

      I lived there for most of my life.


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        I've travelled to UK several times and I have found that I quite enjoyed winter in the UK. Most places are centrally heated and everything is alot cheaper and less crowded at this time. (The opening hours are shorter tho). As an Aussie I also quite like getting away from the heat and being hit with the odd snowstorm. (Call me crazy!) [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]


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          London Weather

          Because weather patterns in London are phenomenal I believe you will find them quite entertaining.

          No matter when you decide to travel, bring a wind-sturdy umberella and a LONG raincoat. I found a great one at Lands End--very light weight . . .

          I visited in June last year. The weather was very cool and (of course) wet, so sandals though very chic were uncomfortable (yes, I wore them anyway!). But I personally find potentially wet weather easier to take in warmer climes.

          I'm from Texas where the saying is, If you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes . . . . As big as Texas is on these matters, London has us beat--big time!

          I say the weather will be entertaining because it changes very rapidly. Sunshine for a half hour or more . . . big fat downpour . . . slight drizzle . . . rainbow . . . clearing skies . . . downpour--you will love it.

          Bottom line--I'd recommend June-July-August or the very earliest part of September.




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            Weather in England

            I agree with Prudence. The weather here can can rapdily. For instance the weather forcast can tell you that London is going to sunny with little or no clouds. It then pours with rain all day. Do not travel without your umbrella.


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              Rain or Shine

              If September is your vacation month than by all means go. I usually travel in the fall, less tourists, less crowds, people seem even more friendly and I don't let weather dampen (no pun intended) my traveling. I, personally, will not carry an umbrella but use a waterproof jacket with hood and it has served me well for many, many years. I also carry a pair of rain pants that fold up into a very tiny pack in case there is a monsoon. Have a great time come rain or come shine.


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                Just got back from a 9 day visit including the Chelsea Flower Show (May 21).

                Needed a moderately heavy coat every day (high 50's and cloudy or drizzly) until the day we flew to Paris (on May 23) when it reached the low 70's.

                I've been there in August during a heat wave and high humidity as well.

                Best way to plan is to expect just about anything weatherwise.


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                  The Climate is Changing!

                  Like many countries all over the world, the climate is definitely changing in England (I hope governments in all countries will start to take the devastating effects of global warming seriously sooner rather than later). At the time of writing in Aug we are in the midst of a heatwave in London - records were broken yesterday with a high of 96F in central London. Not pleasant weather for those of us trying to work here!

                  It is true that the weather can change quickly (but London actually gets less rain than many other places - everyone has an image of it always raining here) so it is best to come prepared for all eventualities. It rarely snows or gets bitterly cold in winter so is generally pleasant for walking around at any time of year (just not now - much too hot!). If possible, it's better to come when the kids are back at school in early Sept - less crowded, less expensive. Sept is generally a good month but my favourite time here is spring when nature seems to spring to life in early April.


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                    Re: Best months to visit England??

                    Statistically, London gets less rain than many other places - but it does take longer to fall owing to the mind-numbing drizzle. What falls in our area in a day can take a fortnight to drizzle down in London.


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                      Re: Best months to visit England??

                      September month is best time to travel England. some time weather could be change but I think you will surely enjoy you trip .


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                        Re: Best months to visit England??

                        My vote would be for September too. It can still be reasonably warm, the evenings are still quite light and in many parts of the country the autumn colours are lovely. Early October would be okay too.

                        Celebrating the Great British Coastline


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                          Re: Best months to visit England??

                          I'd say early May, flights would be cheaper and the weather is not yet that hot, but is improving.


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                            Re: Best months to visit England??

                            We went mid October and must have gotten lucky becasue it was still really nice. Probably in the 50's most of the time. But I think that was unusual.


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                              Re: Best months to visit England??

                              October can be lovely in the British Isles- it's known as an Indian summer, or St Luke's little summer- when the weather's mild and the winds have dropped.
                              Last year and this have been terrible summers, windy and wet. The experts put it down to a kink in the jet stream.....and we'll all be seeing extremes because of global warming.
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