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Eurail Pass? Round trip in and out?

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  • Eurail Pass? Round trip in and out?

    I plan on traveling to Europe with my girlfriend this summer for two weeks. Austria - Czech Rep Or Czech Rep - Austria (Which one is cheaper to start in and end in? (We plan on going to 15 countries in June 2014 in 80-90 days). But this is for this year June 2013. I've done some looking around for costs (Of course this is staying in hostels so we are backpacking). I figure it to be around $85 in Austria per day and $42 dollars in Czech Rep per day. So a total of $762 + $200 for extra things. But my main question is should I get a Eurail pass (Costing $179 + tax) Or should we just pay for the train because we really are only using it once. Also which one should we fly into? We plan on flying out too so would it be cheaper to get a round trip 2 weeks apart (Not sure if I can or how it works) Or just fly in and fly out on the next flight? ANY help would be great. Thanks.

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    Re: Eurail Pass? Round trip in and out?

    Hi there,

    Sounds like a fun trip! Airfare tends to be more expensive if you fly into and out of different cities, so you may find it cheaper to take the train back to where you started instead of flying into one city and out of the other. I'd use a search engine like Expedia, Kayak, etc., and price it out both ways.

    If you're taking the train only once, I'd imagine that just buying point-to-point tickets would be cheaper. Again, compare your options -- RailEurope is usually my go-to site for pricing out point to point tickets vs. passes.

    Hope that helps a little! Good luck.
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