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From Venice to Dordogne, From Dordogne to Turin

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  • From Venice to Dordogne, From Dordogne to Turin

    My husband and I leave a cruise ship in Venice on Wednesday morning, May 30. We want to be in La Roque in the Dordogne region sometime Friday, June 1 where we will share a house with friends until Friday morning, June 8. Then we leave La Roque to stay with my husband's cousin in Turin on Saturday, June 9. (We could get there Friday, but I thought it would be a rush from La Roque to Turin in one day, or at least a very long day - yes?)

    I would like advice on getting from Venice to a place to rent a car for the week in Dordogne and on getting from wherever we rent the car (Lyon? Toulouse?) to Turin (by train or plane).

    That is, we are considering various combinations of flying or train riding from Venice to Lyon or Toulouse, and from Lyon or Toulouse back to northern Italy, in Turin.

    We are considering flying from Venice to Lyon (About $233 1-way, each person, 3hr travel time) then spending time in Lyon and driving a rental car from Lyon to La Roque (travel time? spend a night en route? or two nights in Lyon - both are appealing). If we fly from Venice to Lyon and from Lyon to Turin, the open-jaw tickets are about $300 each person, both legs.

    We are also considering the train from Venice to Lyon. It would be much less expensive than flying, but very long. I hear the trains are great, but I don't know the route or the scenery. I think then we'd have time only to see Lyon at night, spend the night, and have breakfast there? We could rent a car in Lyon and drive to La Roque (drive time?). Or we could take the train to Toulouse, rent a car there and drive (about two hours?) to La Roque.

    We like cities and the countryside. Everything we read is appealing. We like museums, architecture, walks, industry, agriculture, picnics, markets, castles, food and wine. (Of course we'll be visiting the cave paintings in the Dordogne area.) I lack information on the time and distance from Lyon to La Roque, and I feel dizzy with the information I do have about the rest!

    I would really appreciate any information, ideas, advice and opinions.

    Thank you!

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    Re: From Venice to Dordogne, From Dordogne to Turin

    Hi Sunfish,

    Sounds like an incredible trip - gosh I so want to see the Dordogne...been to a lot of France but not yet there! Turin is another great destination - it's going to be quite a trip - and all that after a cruise that brings you into Venice!

    My input doesn't involve planes - dealing with airports can really take time and make a traveler weary, even if there's some time saved - because you will be covering some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe. I LOVE trains - they have such a relaxing effect on me and I get to see everything (so long as I don't fall asleep, because the train is rocking me to sleep!! It was quite a struggle going through Switzerland!) and so my thoughts involve train/car. I didn't much care for Lyon except that it is the place where I get the BEST chocolate in the world (Maurice Bernachon) but I did not feel comfortable there, for some reason so I split earlier than planned. It is the gastronomic capitol of France so if you're wanting some Michelin 3*** food, it's the place to go, but not the only place

    OK this will make you dizzy too, I am backtracking from this next paragraph (it's very late at night ) but, the train would be easy - Venice/Milan/Lyon and then grab a car in Lyon to drive to La Roque. I did not find Lyon terribly exciting and left earlier than planned but I had one place that was essential and that was getting to the BEST chocolate in the world, Maurice Bernachon, which I did and was happy. Lyon is the Gastronomic capitol of France so if you're feeling like dining on some Michelin 3***, that would be a place to stop! But France has no shortage of Michelin star locations! I'd actually spend time in Toulouse, rather than Lyon....unless you're a chocolate addict like me, then you'd need to get to Bernachon in Lyon!

    The route I *originally* had you on was more coastal, where as this is all inland and should be rather scenic, but maybe not as scenic as a southern route but no sense going out of the way, although it's still France and Italy which just generally ARE beauitful!! I am wondering if you might even be able to get a high speed train from Milan to Lyon - kind of a cool ride but more expensive, very fast!

    Everything that you mentioned you like, will be along the way of your journey but you do know that you'll be seeing duplicates of the caves in Dordogne, I hope. It is thought that too much exposure etc., might have deteriorated the paintings so very nice duplicates were made, sort of like what they did in China with the 10,000 Terra Cotta warriors. Here is a great site for driving in France...
    and NOW I see why you chose Lyon - La Roque, which I did not initially find on my map, La Roque is NORTH of Toulouse and so more direct from Lyon. Since La Roque is one of the most amazing towns of the region, well you are fortunate indeed - it will be pure heaven

    On this trip, the last place I'd want to be is in the air......part train, part car would be just heavenly. I'd return exactly the same way except you will be getting off the train sooner as you'll roll into Turin while the train goes on to Milan etc., so the ride will be a bit shorter. So to summarize:
    Train west: Venice/Milan/Lyon, car Lyon-La Roque. Back to Italy - drive back to Lyon, train from Lyon to Turin. AWESOME TRIP

    I hope this helps - I didn't check time schedules etc., because I don't know what time you get into Venice, etc......though I imagine it's morning. Just one thing: make sure you have lots with you to eat and drink on the trains - for some reason, it makes one very hungry and thirsty being on the train and it's not always so easy to find food on the trains - it usually is, but on a LONG ride from Lugano, Switzerland, via Milan to Monaco, I had NO time to stock up in Milano Centrale and OMG was I nearly faint with hunger a few hours into the ride. Luckily, I met a nice man who was commuting home to San Remo and he had some sort of raisin bun thing in his brief case that he offered me (we'd been chatting most of the way as he pointed out sites, so beautiful) so I did NOT pass out but after arriving into Monaco, checked into my hotel, took in the view and a moment to realize I was IN MONACO (yes, there was a happy dance!) then ran to find a restaurant!! Stuff that tote with food/water for the train!! Then, enjoy!

    Let us know what you think about this and if you have more questions. I imagine others might have ideas....but this is what I would do. Hope it helps.
    Colleen Costello
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