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Dangerous creatures in Greece.

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  • Dangerous creatures in Greece.


    I should be going on holiday to Greece in May/June and I was wondering that apart from humans, are there any other dangerous creatures that inhabit the area I should know about?

    I will be in Athens for a couple of days, Poros for a few more and will be making a few day trips to some of the islands.

    Thanks for your time.
    There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the edge of the shore looking like an idiot.

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    Re: Dangerous creatures in Greece.

    There are no creatures in Greece that you should be afraid of. However, I have heard that mosquitoes are a problem on the islands.
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      Re: Dangerous creatures in Greece.

      No there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of in Greece - it is heavenly. The only thing we saw that was a lttle scary was a few small snakes in the long grass (Delphi, Delos, Naxos) but apparently they are harmless and at most may give you a quick nip on the ankle if you stand on them - fair enough I say.

      And dont be afraid of the humans there either (except the tourists who can be just plain awful). The Greeks are the most hospitable people that I've ever come across and will do anything for you. I just wish tourists would treat them with a bit of respect in return. Not sure why they dont. Must be a power thing or something.

      Anyway, Paros is completely gorgeous. We stayed at an adorable little whitewashed place called Kanales in the little town of Nauossa. Speaking of nice poeple, the family who run this place are absolutely fantastic and we promised them we would pop back and see them one day which we definitely will when we go back there. I just wanted to give them all a great big hug.

      You should definitely spend a few days in Santorini (and stay in spectacular Oia) and Crete is also magnificent. We went to 10 islands in 6wks and I loved each and evrry one of them. They are all beautiful so you can't go wrong.

      Have fun.
      Nicky, Australia


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        Re: Dangerous creatures in Greece.

        Thanks folks.

        Nicky - if only I had 6 weeks to spare

        Fortunately I have family on Poros so I'm gonna get most of the do's and dont's from them, as well as a bed to kip on
        There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the edge of the shore looking like an idiot.


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          Re: Dangerous creatures in Greece.

          Actually there are a few snakes about. I've never heard of anyone getting bitten and you'd be very unlucky if you did but there are occasional cases.

          As a previous poster said, mozzies are the biggest problem
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            Re: Dangerous creatures in Greece.

            You should have no problems at all in Greece. I've been there twice and found the fauna quite agreeable!! Also, the people are amongst the friendliest in Europe. However, Athens (wonderful as it is) is quite polluted, and in hot weather it is difficult to breathe at times with all the billowing clouds of smog. It does have a magnificent history and has a plethora of ancient ruins however, which almost negates the irritation which is caused by the pollution.


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              Re: Dangerous creatures in Greece.

              Ah-ha! There are some creatures in Greece you need to be wary of. I doubt that you will come across anything even remotely unfriendly in Athens, but on the islands, in May, the snakes are waking up after the winter in hibernation. There are only two varieties in Greece that are venomous, one is the horned viper and the other begins with 'm' but I can't remember the name at the moment - age, no doubt!
              If you go walking in the country, through grass or rocky places, carry a stick and make a noise, then any snakes will get out of your way. You see more in early summer than later on. They love basking in sunny places.
              If you were unlucky enough to get bitten by a snake, it would be unlikely to prove fatal, just very uncomfortable. All pharmacies stock antidotes, or you can go to the nearest medical centre, doctor or hospital.
              There are also scorpions in Greece, either tiny or medium sized, not interested in humans but you might unwittingly step on one. Their bite is not dangerous.
              There are, however, some people who always have a bad reaction to bites and stings, and if you are one of these unlucky people you should always travel with suitable medication - it could save your life.
              There are jellyfish in the sea that can sting, but not until later in the summer.
              You are unlikely to encounter many mosquitoes in May - but you will be privileged to see one of the loveliest sights in the Mediterranean - the fireflies. They start flashing their little lights at dusk, and usually there are thousands of them winking their lights at each other in their fascinating courtship display. It is magical to see them.
              Don't be afraid of the snakes - they too are beautiful and fascinating creatures that have their place in the natural order of things.
              Have a fantastic holiday in this lovely country!


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                Re: Dangerous creatures in Greece.

                Just to correct some of info being given .. there are indeed DANGEROUS snakes, and other DANGEROUS things out on greek islands and there are more than 2 varieties of snakes, as in last 5 years I have had an old property out there I have seen 4 types of poisonous snakes. When bitten by at least one of these species you must head to hospital VERY quickly, as not all chemists have necessary medication. I was told on my island, that if you are unlucky you have 20 minutes to seek appropriate medical help; and because locals are often misinformed it is best not to take any risks if bitten, far better to unnecessarily rush to hospital than to take a risk that might prove fatal!

                A couple of weeks ago I also awoke to find a scorpion on my bedroom curtain .. and am now liaising with a university expert to try and ascertain which species it was. Because I had my 3 yr old grandson with me on that trip, I went to the hospital to enquire what action I should take if either of us was stung. The doctor told me I must immediately call for an ambulance or again attend the hospital within 20 minutes if at all possible, which may not prove necessary, but then again who is to know in advance who will experience worst reactions!

                There are also things in the sea that can bite and sting!

                If as individuals we choose to be totally blase about these things, as adults it is our choice, but I think it is quite naughty for people on these message boards when asked to deny any risks exist!

                Would be better they said nothing than state false facts!


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                  Re: Dangerous creatures in Greece.

                  there is another thread titled as "any dangerous creatures in Turkey". I am from Turkey and in Greece right now. So the ones going to visit Turkey are safe for a while but I am sorry for the ones going to visit Greece. ))

                  I loved this thread. I didnt see any travel guides helping about this issue. Thanks for the question and the answers.