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Ireland in winter

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  • Ireland in winter

    I would like to take a trip to Ireland. However, because of my job, January is the best time for me to travel. What is the weather like in Ireland in January?

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    Ireland in January/Weather

    The good news about Ireland is that the weather doesn't change a whole heck of a lot from season to season; at least not as dramatically as it does in, say, Chicago, Germany or Moscow. Because of the gulf stream coursing through the Atlantic Ocean, Ireland enjoys a reasonably mild climate, even in winter months. I'm not saying it's bathing suit weather, but you won't be freezing. You'll have the spots of rain (as ever)and some sun too; you'll also have fewer crowds, which is always a plus.

    I am gradually becoming a major advocate of traveling in January. I've done it two years running now and have not had one complaint; in fact, I doubt things could have gone better for me in July. I've traveled in spring/summer months; it has it's upsides, but the crowds & sometimes oppresive heat are turn offs. January 2000 I was in France and had fine weather; this year I was in France, England & Scotland and also had fine weather. Prices are better at hotels (they'll drop prices to fill otherwise vacant rooms) and crowds are minimal. There's less daylight, but some places are just as nice as night; plus, night activities are usually different than daytime anyway. Sales are also on big in most of Europe throughout January. I was shopping in chic stores I could never walk into at any other time because markdowns were so low, I couldn't NOT go in and have a look & pick up a few things!

    Ireland in January? I say go. It rains on people who travel in summer, fall etc. Bring a slicker, brelly & comfy walking boots (ya kind of need this stuff anytime of year!) and casual clothes you can layer for peeling off & putting on during the day/night. It'll probably never be cooler than the 40's (F) so you can leave the Polar parka at home.

    January is getting to be *my* peak season; I'm loving it. And rain or not, I've NEVER heard anyone I know personally come home from Ireland who wasn't head over heels in love with the country. You can't lose. Well, you can, only if you *don't go*!!

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      I have a good friend who lives in Dublin. He said that it rains nonstop most of the time. He mentioned that winter it can get worse...but besides that the weather is usually mild. No wonder it's so green!