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Buying Curling Iron?

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  • Buying Curling Iron?

    I realize this is a silly vanity, but can anyone advise me *where* I might buy a curling iron in Italy, specifically what kind of shop? I can take a dual-voltage one, but have read so many reports of them burning up even with adapters, that I thought buying one in Italy made more sense--and I've seen references to doing so. But what kind of establishment am I looking for?

    Our plans currently are to arrive in Venice (for only a day or two--enough time to look for a curling iron, though), then head to Florence and Tuscany, perhaps Siena and Pisa in there, before ending up in Rome--two weeks. It's a long time for straight hair.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Buying Curling Iron?

    Venice is the hardest of all Italian cities for such shopping - no department stores where you're likely to go, and a waste of your precious time to go outside and hunt one down. Most shops you're likely to see sell tourist items, from Rolex to Gucchi to blown glass. With a bit of luck there might be a small store that sells your kind of item along one of the alleys you'll be cruising, but don't count on coming across it just by sheer luck, never mind the sticker shock you could face if you do find one...

    I'd say take a cheapie dual-voltage model from here, if it conks out, toss it, at least it'll get you through for a while. What's trickier is the plug at the end of your cord that won't fit into the wall sockets. Get the little $3.95 "continental" plug adapter model from (click on travel store, then on accessories, then on clean-comfy-handy), it'll work unless you're totally unlucky to get one of the old countersunk sockets in your room, but then your hotel should be able to help (a daily occurence for them).

    But if you want to know just exactly where you can buy a curler in Venice (hunting down a known store address can be fun if you have a good map, Venice is like a maze), try this:

    Go to, click on
    Cura Dei Capelli (lit. "Care of Hair),
    click on Arricciare (means "to curl")
    and see if you like the look of a model, and make a note of it.
    Then contact one of these;
    Tel: +39 02 90448311
    Fax: +39 02 90750687s

    and ask which retailer in Venice might have the model(s) you want.

    Good luck

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      Re: Buying Curling Iron?

      Thanks, I'll try that.


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        Re: Buying Curling Iron?

        I have a Braun butane curling iron that I use when travelling. No problem with electricity. Mine has a curling iron and a roller brush that slips over the iron. You can put the special cover over it as soon as you are finished, no waiting for it to cool down.


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          Re: Buying Curling Iron?

          Don't bother taking a hair dryer or curling iron. I traveled with four women, all of us took our own hair equipment, and we burned up every one of them.. we eventually bought the equipment there and were happy ever after. I agree with one of the posts of the adventure in buying while you're there. You definitley will find a place while walking around. And talking to the clerks is half the fun. I share my "Italian Equipment" with friends who are lucky enough to go. Ciao