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rome to florence to venice, how long?

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  • rome to florence to venice, how long?

    hey i just became a member here!
    any way i am doing this project that i know i will be using in the future because it be a dream to go to Italy
    anyway i wanted to know, by driving or even by railway how long does it take from Rome to florence and then florence to venice?
    i heard it takes a day but i am not sure...
    please relpy i have a deadline on thursday

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    Re: rome to florence to venice, how long?

    I'm assuming this trip is to be done in one day? Well it's kinda hard to give anything precise so I'm going to ballpark it for you, by train:

    Rome - Florence, probably 3-4 hours (closer to 4 hours)
    Florence - Venice - probably 2-3 hours (closer to 3 hours)

    You have to check which type of train you're on; inter-city, high speed etc. The type of train will affect your travel time.

    check out schedules on or go to one of the railway websites such as or to get more info on trains.

    For driving times, you might want to check out or

    Hope this helps.
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      Re: rome to florence to venice, how long?

      From Rome to Florence, by train, there are two main options: Eurostar (ES) and Intercity (IC).
      With the EuroStar train the journey takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, while with the InterCity train the journey takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. In case of EuroStar, remember to book your seat (which is not necessary with IC). These two options (ES and IC) link the main station in Rome (Termini) with the main station in Florence (S. Maria Novella). There are other trains and other minor stations that can offer other possibilities to move from Rome to Florence but are a) less central; b) slower.
      By car, from Rome to Florence, I would say 3/4 hours.

      From Florence to Venice, again, you have the same kind of trains mentioned before: ES and IC.
      With Eurostar the journey takes just a little bit less than 3 hours, while with InterCity the journey takes a bit longer (3 hours and 30 minutes approx.). In these two cases the time is what the train takes to go straight to Venice (calling only at main stations like Bologna, Padova, ecc.). Other options include a change of train in Bologna or boarding at the station of Firenze Rifredi rather that S. Maria Novella (the latter is more central while Rifredi is on the outskirts of the city) and several stops along the journey.
      By car, from Florence to Venice, I would say 3 hours.
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