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Trips to Try/Avoid Over the Holidays

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  • Trips to Try/Avoid Over the Holidays

    Which destinations are the best places to celebrate the holidays -- and which should you avoid at all costs? Traveler's Ed shares his picks below, and we want to hear yours!

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    Trips to Try and Trips to Avoid This Holiday Season
    Sarah Schlichter
    Senior Editor
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    Re: Trips to Try/Avoid Over the Holidays

    According to me, no destination can be worse enough to avoid. When I am traveling, my motto is to see and find new places and conditions. If it is a volcano emitting lots of lava, and I can view it from a distance then why not. Certainly one would not plan a travel to an island that is going to blow up any moment. That is not the job of a traveler but instead of a seismic activity researcher.


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      Re: Trips to Try/Avoid Over the Holidays

      Name:  2947f84da110f1e023de552e14ecc947.jpg
Views: 1
Size:  87.2 KBIf we were not so involved with Christmas activities in our own area, we'd prefer to be on a cruise....not anywhere warm, as that would be too much of a shock....perhaps just pottering around the Canary Islands.
      Instead of which, it's 4 carol services in 4 days, all with copious amounts of mulled wine and mince pies; a performance of Handel's "Messiah" to sing, and various entertainments and Christmas services to plan. And we've got the snow to cope with this year, for a change!!!
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        Re: Trips to Try/Avoid Over the Holidays

        Looks good, can't wait to go myself.


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          Re: Trips to Try/Avoid Over the Holidays

          Put your luggage packing. Tie a red ribbon in your black bag is not the most effective way to distinguish your it.Know airport code. It is easy for baggage destination tags mingle on the sidewalk check-in, Airport arrival at the airport early is not an exact science, it is Easy, and some basic tips for travellers.


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            Re: Trips to Try/Avoid Over the Holidays

            While I may agree with the situation on the slopes, I don't see that that is different from other times of year. Personally, I don't think there is any better place to be than at a ski resort (and I am not a skiier). The lights and decorations and energy level is perfect. And one thing I have learned is that no one is a friendly and fun as people that work in ski resorts. I'd love to spend Christmas in Aspen someday, if I could afford it.


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              Re: Trips to Try/Avoid Over the Holidays

              With fares higher than last year's, every trick to save can help keep your budget for gifts and holiday fun closer to what you planned. Letís recap the tips from the video and expand on them Ö

              1. Use frequent flier miles.

              2. Try ground travel for shorter distances.

              3. Book ASAP.

              4. Check alternatives.

              5. Get an agent.

              6. Travel light, with food.


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                Re: Trips to Try/Avoid Over the Holidays

                Maybe this isn't the most insightful holiday tip in the world but if you are planning to got to Europe over the festive period, go to Germany or Austria. Christmas is so big over in these two countries.

                Admittedly the Scandinavians give it a pretty good celebration too but I think Germany and Austria are the best for traditional Christmas cheer (they are also far cheaper!).

                Get in a Weihnachtsmarkt and get involved!


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                  Re: Trips to Try/Avoid Over the Holidays

                  5. Get an agent.
                  Yes, Agent will help you to guide properly..