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driving thru mexico to panama

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  • driving thru mexico to panama

    I am planning trip to Panama and was wondering if anyone has any tips and or advise for traveling thru mexico and beyond. I will be leaving from S.F. Cailf. I do speak a little spanish. I will be traveling in a regular size pickp truck 4x4 with motorcycle in the back with camper shell on it.

    Any advise or tips would be greatly appriciated.

    Thank you Freddie

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    Re: driving thru mexico to panama

    This is a superb question! I wish I had some advice; instead I'm wondering how to do it myself. If you get any info, will you share the wealth???


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      Re: driving thru mexico to panama

      hey texmex gal

      if i get any info at all i will let you know...
      i have found only 2 books on the subject
      1 is drive to costa rica in 8 days which i have bought and read a few years back need to read it again.
      the second book is driving the pan-american highway which i just went and checked out at the local library and am gonna start to read.

      if anybody else has any good reading on the subject please let us know

      thanks freddie


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        Re: driving thru mexico to panama

        We spent two months driving around Mexico last year. Two suggestions - take the toll roads whenever available, and get a good map. We used the Guia Roja map book. However, we found that even with the latest edition of the map book the information about toll roads wasn't always accurate (they are continuing to extend the toll road network). You can get more information from our trip reports at


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          Re: driving thru mexico to panama

          thanks mike will do as you recomend
          thxs for the input



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            Re: driving thru mexico to panama

            really my husband and me just try to stay out of places like Mexico City when we are driving.We made the mistake once and had some major problems with the transit cops they were saying we were driving without the correct tags on the correct day.Hello we are turists.My husband is from there and I think we have more trouble cause he is mexican.Anyway do not travel at night if you can that is best you never know when theyll be a donkey run across the road at night it is easier to see in the daytime.Always cooperate with the military at the military stops and stop when it says.THey are the good guys and don't hassel or try to get money from you.They look scary and they act mean but they are good if you do what you are supposed to.Don't give the cops money keep your papers handy you will be getting them out probably alot.Ask for a badge number if the cops ask for money.THis is a sucky thing that can happen being hasseled by the cops I hope you don't experience this.Look out for the other drivers they are crazy especially the big trucks.Start drinking pepto they day before you cross and a little here or there this helps with "Turista".And have fun and enjoy Mexico while you are there can;t help with panama.HOpe this helps.


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              Re: driving thru mexico to panama

              hey there amigo

              try to sleep at night, don't be tempted on the roads to make time...there are seldom shoulders, often animals...goats/burros/donkeys/turkeys/cows...have seen it all...try to get into the can park your truck out of sight...nice aware that the custom is to pile stones in the road to indicate car repair/ alert! lots of hills, so don't burn your breaks out...with that additional weight, might want to consider a cooler for will be happy you had it...


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                Re: driving thru mexico to panama

                I drove from New Orleans to Panama--but it was in 1960! Recently, I drove to Costa Rica and the biggest hassle is the BORDER red tape. I would reccommend NOT taking the motorcycles because you will need paperwork on every vehicle. Don't drive at night. Take a debitcard--there are ATM's everywhere and they give the best rates. good luck


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                  Re: driving thru mexico to panama

                  Hi freddie,
                  How was your trip to Panama through Mexico?
                  My boyfriend and I are planning on driving to Costa Rica from Canada and he is a little worried about driving through Mexico. We were thinking about taking my 1973 VW westfalia or buying a motorhome. I dont want to stick out like a sore thumb and im worried my VW might be too heated. Please share your experience!