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AR 20, Episode 2: 2/26/12

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  • AR 20, Episode 2: 2/26/12

    Aw. Bye, clowns. They were a little over-the-top and not very good racers, but I liked them. Luckily it seems like they've got a lot more important things going on in their life than the Race.

    Not loving the border patrol guys -- they seem full of themselves. The Big Brother team seems dysfunctional; Rachel seems to spend the whole time beating up on herself. (Did she seriously apologize for being a girl at one point? Ugh.) I'm rooting for the all-female teams at the moment. Otherwise I don't have strong feelings about anyone.

    The beef task seemed tough. And it was unusual that the one Detour task was so much quicker than the other. I wondered why everyone immediately leaped to do the solar panel task when the other one seemed a little less complicated...
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    Re: AR 20, Episode 2: 2/26/12

    Kind of figured the clowns wouldn't cut it! Nice people just no oomph!

    I think I like the good 'ol boys from Kentucky. They are just doing the best they can. Have a feeling most of the other teams will overlook them for awhile.

    Do not like the big brother broad!! My son who watches all the Big Brother things says she's a crier!! Sure hope she doesn't last long.
    The others that can go anytime is the Jersey boys!! Unless they turn things around or they get lucky they should be gone soon.

    Yeah it was weird that everyone ended up doing the same "boil the kettle" thing but I guess working with ornery animals isn't much fun. Often a recipe for disaster.



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      Re: AR 20, Episode 2: 2/26/12

      I don't care for the Big Brother couple and I never watch Big Brother. Just rib me the wrong way. That cow task was hard to understand. And you never know with buses, you could be on the 1st or 2nd bus and yet have a mishap. Good episode.
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