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AR 21: Finale!

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  • AR 21: Finale!

    Sorry for the later-than-usual post -- I actually had a super-busy weekend and forgot about the show entirely! LOL. But wow, I was not expecting that ending. I was a little disappointed; I wanted James and Jaymes to win. I think the runners-up get money too, so hopefully they'll still be able to help the one guy's dad a bit.

    I knew as soon as they started that language task that Josh was probably going to beat the other two, and it was confirmed when they started playing the post-leg interview. Just the way they talked made it sound like they were recapping their win, didn't it? Oh, well. It was a good final task. I can't believe it took two and a half hours, oof.

    Too bad they didn't get to eat the pizza.
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    Re: AR 21: Finale!

    You think you were late!! We were away for the last episode and though I tried a couple of times to watch it didn't get to see it until a couple of days ago!!! What a shocker!! Did not see that coming.

    Was glad that the "twinnies" got taken out. Just never got to liking them. They were just annoying!!

    I hoped the James's would win while my better half was pulling for the girl of course. Knew right away with that final challenge there was no hope for the boys. Almost forgot that the final challenge is usually a mental challenge and this was a doozy!!!! The producers sure know how to throw a twist into everything at the end!!! Makes AR worth watching and YES I will be watching when AR 22 comes on!!

    See you all then!!