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Ar 22: 3/17/13

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  • Ar 22: 3/17/13

    Well, that was kind of an interesting ep -- I was sort of surprised it was still suspenseful even knowing who the elimination was almost right off the bat. I felt bad for Chuck and Wynona -- they were having a rough day anyway, and then to be U-Turned when they were so tired and frustrated must've really sucked. (They were sort of a weird choice for a U-Turn, no? Not a strong team at all. The hockey brothers seemed like a better candidate.)

    So sad to see the father and son team go. I sniffled a little.

    I liked the food part of the Detour. All the fresh fruits and veggies looked so luscious, and the soup looked really tasty!

    Are we looking at a bug eating task next week in Botswana, do you think? Yikes.
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    Re: Ar 22: 3/17/13

    sorry to see the father/son team go to. and teams never learn don't trust anyone they will stab you in the back along the way. I don't have a favorite team in one way or another they annoy me. But I must say, the show is better than last season.
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