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  • Never do business with CheapOAir!

    In February, I purchased an online booking from CheapOAir for a roundtrip ticket to Paris from Seattle for a flight for April 1st. On the 29th of February, I called the SAS and United Airlines to confirm my ticket. A three day check-in was recommended by CheapOAir per the booking guidelines. SAS / United Airlines informed me that their was no flight confirmed for that day and that I should inform ChaepOAir of the problem so they could rebook me on another flight. After 10 or so conversations with their Indian Call Center begging them to not ruin my vacation and put me on another flight, CheapOAir issued me me a e-ticket number for a flight for the evening on April 3rd, 2009. CheapOAir then sent me a e-mail with the new dates for the booking. The flight was confirmed on the SAS website. On the 2nd of April, the CheapOAir Indian Call Center called my cell phone and left me a message to inform me that my flight for the 3rd of April was not confirmed as the booking stated in the e-mail they sent. Immediately, I called CheapOAir back to see what happened and was informed that I had no flight to begin with and that they were going to cancel my booking with a reduced refund ($200.00 dollars less of the $674.00 I had paid) This company did this twenty four hours before before I was planning to leave for a six week vacation. CheapOAir excuse for this action was that it was the airlines fault and that they have no liability for their action in the matter. CheapOAir even started to state that I had cause the problem and it was my responsibility to work with the airlines to get me the flight I needed and that CheapOAir was only there to book the flight even if no flight was ever booked or confirmed. I requested a e-mail from the company to state what happened and that what refund I would be receiving. No e-mail as of yet and I still have a booking on a Apr 3rd flight still on there website. I have no flight thus ending my vacation with no tickets to my destination. This company ruined four months of good planning and a time window that I cannot makeup for at least two years. The next best window for my trip will be 2011. Because of this, I lost $300.00 in non-refundable rail tickets because I could not reach my destination in Europe.


    A) The Indian Call Center had long wait times to just get to talk to a customer service representative. (waited two hours for one call)
    B) None of the Indian representatives seemed concerned that I had no flight and their non caring attitude made it seem that they were only interested in getting as much money out of me by trying to rebook my flight or giving me a reduced refund.
    C) Several of the representatives could not communicate English in a clear and concise matter thus making any kind of verbal interaction immpossible.
    D) Refusal to communicate in a written format - Had to beg for them to send me something in writing for anything.
    E) Unable to alert me of any changes of my ongoing flight problem - Unwillingness to help or care if I got a flight.
    F) Ask for a supervisor several times - Was given different names for the same person who had spoken to us before - Was told that his name was Jack one time and presented himself as another person the next day. If a company representative does not tell you his or her real title or the proper name - How could you trust the other person that they are going to do what they say they will or the service they are going to provide.
    G) CheapOair disconnected my call five times during the week trying to resolve my flight status and twice in a online chat to resolve my problem.
    H) The insurance I had purchased for the flight sold on the CheapOAir website does not cover me if CheapOAir was fraudulent in their actions to not provide me a ticket.
    I) Would not provide a USA phone number to talk to a American Speaker to help resolve my flight issues. is a Nevada business - Here is their address in Las Vegas.
    1050 E Flamingo Rd
    Las Vegas, NV 89119

    The BBB there informed me that there were 17 complaints against them which leads me to believe people are having a hard time taking action. We need get the word out and effect CheapOAir.Com Quarterly Financial Report with a hit of reduced sales then maybe they will improve their service. File complains with IATAN , ASTA, your state's justices department for consumer affairs, FTC Crimes Division (CheapOair accepted a wire transfer of payment and if no service was provided - enough complains could bring action), call your credit card company to file a faud alert and the Aviation Consumer Protection Divison. (this might put pressure on the air carriers not to do business with CheapOair).

    BBB of Southern Nevada, Inc. (Las Vegas, NV)
    6040 S. Jones Blvd
    Las Vegas , NV 89118-2619
    Phone: (702)320-4500
    Fax: (702)320-4560
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    Re: Never do business with CheapOAir!

    I am so sorry for the inconvenience and the loss of your trip. I would like to help you rectify this situation. I work for CheapOair. If you would please contact me, so that I can talk to you directly, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you,

    erin at cheapoair dot com


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      Re: Never do business with CheapOAir!

      Hopefully this will get worked out.


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        Re: Never do business with CheapOAir!

        That's nice that someone has come forward and promised to help. I again was on the phone with them twice yesterday. I spoke to four more different representatives still trying to get a confirmation on my refund.The reason why I called them back, The call center in India called me to say that I better call them right now or I would not be receiving a refund. The gentleman calling did not speak very good English and seemed upset that I was not standing by the phone waiting on their call.
        Earlier I placed a fraud report with my bank. The bank contacted me yesterday to tell me that did not purchase my booking, but a travel service that is contracted by did. The bank was confused to who, what or how the booking transaction took place. It would appear that once takes your money, The transaction goes through two or three contracted companies to purchase your flight booking.
        It would be nice to get a direct line with an extension number to there Las Vegas's home office so I could talk to a person in charge or even a written apology with my refund. On a good note, I received a return reply from one of the travel editors from CNN about my story and recieved a call from my local newspaper. Hopefully will come clean, conduct themselves in a professional business manner, and present a case of fair play on this issue.
        Thanks to everyone who reviewed my story!
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          offer of assistance

          Mike, I have offered my assistance on every blog site you have posted on since the beginning of this. April 3, 2009, you have not contacted me once! We take all allegations serioulsy and investigate each one, I personally look into each one posted on the internet. I am still waiting for a booking confirmation as I had mentioned on RIP OFF REPORT, COMPLAINTS BOARD, CHEAPOAIR@PISSED CONSUMER, and all the others.

          So please provide me with the information I need, and this can all be resolved.

          Online Customer Service Mgr.



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            Re: Never do business with CheapOAir!

            Had I known of this site, I would have never thought to book with The representatives hang up on you and when I finally had the chance to explain, for the 3rd time, our situation and that I didn't want to pay extra fees, I was told I would be contacted by a supervisor and big surprise! No return call! I had spent over an hour and a half for these 3 phone calls.

            We're supposed to fly to Cabo June 13th to celebrate my sister's graduation with her master's degree and the fact we will be welcoming the first grandchild into my family and sadly, I don't know if we're going to make it. The only reason I'm holding out hope is the replies from the Cheapoair representatives on this site. I've emailed Randrews@cheapoair. I sure hope she can get this resolved. It's sad and highly stressful for a pregnant lady to deal with!

            It all had to do with a flight cancellation with Aeromexico and Cheapoair did not notify us. Now if we want to be sure to fly out on that day, when the resort is expecting us, we'll have to pay an extra $400+ dollars. What a huge inconvenience! Renee Andrews, please help!! This is a huge headache!


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              Re: Never do business with CheapOAir!

              Thanks for the instructions.I cannot deal with this company in future.


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                Re: Never do business with CheapOAir!

                This is in reference to flighttime:

       did work with the above family and they did receive a refund for the portion of the ticket that was canceled. If the airline no longer has service into that airport, they will usually refund the ticket before they will sign the ticket over to another airline. However, they decided that they didn't want to fly out of the same airport and started to change the routing of the ticket, that is why they ended up paying alittle more. Also there was more than 4 people traveling not just one or two. The father called United airlines and worked out a deal with them and still had to pay more money. When airlines have schedule changes it is their responsibility to protect the customers on a new flight, as a travel agency we do not have a direct role to play on how this is going to be handled, there are rules and polices that are put into place for us to follow. Apparently we were not in the wrong, if United felt they needed to pay more money!

                Also, the customer did not purchase flight insurance, would of been a good idea if one of the travelers was pregnant. Also, they would of been covered due to the airline canceling flights.


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                  Re: Never do business with CheapOAir!

                  Nice try Cheapo! You never refunded the "fees" you charged us associated with booking with you. Plus you never did anything to help us! We took care of the situation ourselves. The deal my father was able to book with United cost each person only $50 extra. The "deal" you found would've cost us $200+ per person.

                  Regardless, this was the biggest nightmare EVER! You never notified us of the flight cancellation. I had to (by the chance of luck) find out this dilemma on my own 1 month before we were supposed to leave on this once in a lifetime family trip. You never responded quickly enough, probably because you're dealing with millions of other unsatisfied customers, and never had any closure with us as customers. We continue our disdain towards you. You should be put out of business and I will continue to spread the word to never, ever use your travel service.


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                    Never do business with CheapOAir!

                    I am totally frustrated and appalled with the actions of cheapoair. This is my first and last time using them! I booked a trip for my husband and his friend from Norfolk to Las Vegas, NV. I confirmed the itenerary several times before submitting. Their flight was supposed to leave Norfolk at 6:55 am, go to Dallas TX with a 55 minute layover and then to Las Vegas via American Airline. The return flight was to leave Las Vegas Sunday night, fly to Cincinatti, and then to Norfolk, VA. When my husband received his confirmation email the flights had been COMPLETELY switched around and had them leaving Norfolk at 2:55 pm and flying to Los Angeles which is more than 2 hrs from Las Vegas. When I called cheapoair the representative was very non-chalant and stated they could switch the flights but I would have to pay a switching fee! Why would I have to pay for an error that was not mine. He simply responsed by saying they book over 10,000 flights a day and they are not 100% perfect. I then asked for a supervisor who sounded like the same person. He adivsed that they would cancel the ticket but it would be a $20 cancellation fee. I asked the representative how long would it be before I receive my refund, he advised 5-7 days as I cannot purchase another ticket until I get my money back from the one they messed up, however when i received a confirmation email that the trip had been cancelled it stated could be up to 12 weeks. I travel very frequently and normally go through well established and well known websites. I have learned my lesson by trying to give cheapoair a chance. NEVER AGAIN!!


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                      Re: Never do business with CheapOAir!

                      Dear Bolden, I do apologize for the inconvenience. If you could contact me and provide the 7 digit booking confirmation, I would like to see what took place on this reservation, as well as see how quickly I can get your money returned to your creditcard. I check into all complaints that are posted as long as I am have your necessary information to better assist you.

                      My email is:randrews at, please put in the subject line BLOG POSTING.

                      Renee Andrews



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                        Re: Never do business with CheapOAir!

                        It appears someone has come forward to help. I sent my booking #s to Renee Andrews of and am hoping she can get our refund processed ASAP. This has been a complete nightmare, but hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I will keep everyone posted as to my results.


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                          Re: Never do business with CheapOAir!

                          Mrs. Bolden has been refunded the fees for canceling this reservation, and her refund will take less than 12 weeks to credit. She was also provided all screen shots of the flights that had been entered into the computer, and selected.


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                            Re: Never do business with CheapOAir!

                            My husband and his friend were refunded their cancellation fees and were advised they will receive the money they paid for the trip back within 10 days as opposed to 12 weeks. I was provided screen shots of what cheapoair says was on THEIR end, however if that is the case they really need to investigate why this glich happened because what they are showing I selected and what I actually selected are entirely different. Although the airport codes are close I do not search by airport codes, I search by the city,state. Therefore when I searched for flights i put in Las Vegas and it brought up all flights to and from Las Vegas not Los Angeles. Overall, I appreciate Ms. Andrews prompt response to my issue and resloving it in a quick and efficient manner.


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                              Re: Never do business with CheapOAir!

                              I am complaining about two two airline fees I was charged for changing my flight itinerary. The first was $54.00 for changing the dates within 24 hours. The 2nd was $274.00 for changing dates within 3 days. When I protested, It was suggested that I call Tam airlines who were making the charge. I did so and was told by Tam that Tam only charges $120.00 to cancel and $100 to change dates! I told her that CheapOAir said she could put a waiver in the flight itinerary. She said she did that by posting a note on the itinerary (internal) which CheapOAir had access to. She also sent me an e-mail with the FARE BASE: SLG3TEU which stated the policies for cancellation or change.
                              After spending the entire evening until 7am talking back and forth with Julio, several supervisors and Tam airlines, Julio sent me an e-mail stating that my flight had been canceled and I was being charged $250.00. I talked to him on the phone and he said I had to e-mail back accepting the $250.00 fee. I told him I would not because Tam's flight penalties were clearly only $120.00, plus I didn't want to cancel I wanted to change the dates! Julio informed me that it was too late it was already canceled.
                              By this time it was 7am and I had not resolved the issue with CheapOAir and was worried that I was going to lose the ticket for the new dates. Finally the ticket disappeared.
                              I gave up and booked with Travelocity - who used the same FARE BASE: SLG3TEU and 4 different airlines. They told me their was no charge at all for canceling or changing within 24 hours and after that the charge was a flat $120.00 to Tam to cancel and $100.00 to Tam for a change date and $30.00 to Travelocity.
                              Three days later I received an e-mail from CheapOAir saying my itinerary had changed slightly. I looked on-line and there was the ticket which Julio had told me was canceled!
                              I called again and was told that there was no way to cancel (even though I had already been told it was canceled) unless I sent an e-mail saying I would pay the $250.00 (they had lowered it slightly by then). I sent the e-mail back saying I agreed to cancel and would agree to CheapOAir billing my credit card for $250.00. Julio would not accept that - he said I had to agree to pay the $250 and said he could lower it to $200.00. He said their were 3 airlines involved but would not provide the FARE BASE NUMBER for the other airlines.
                              I gave up and sent the required e-mail to avoid having the entire $1,098.00 charged to my credit card, called the other two airlines and found out they were on the SAME FARE BASE NUMBER and were booked by TAM AIRLINES.
                              Called Travelocity and found I could change dates for $100.00 + $30 to travelocity. Sent Julio e-mails stating what I had found.
                              I filed a complaint with Oregon's Department of Justice Consumer Complaint line, several complaint websites, wrote to ASTA to see if cheapoair were members and that's where I found Katie's e-mail. I'm going to dispute this with my credit card company as well. After reading these complaints it's clear Katie won't take care of this either
                              I don't want to pay more than $120 total and I want the initial $50.00 charge for the change made in the first 24 hours refunded as well. I am highly suspicious of the posts made by cheapOair saying they have resolved all of these customer complaints - I don't believe it - I was lied to - told the charges were from the airlines - lied to - told the flight had already been canceled. They are involved in deceitful practices, deliberately non disclose cancellation fees, don't return charges for 10 days or more while billing the new charges causing peoples credit card declines or bounced checking accounts. They must think all american's have money to blow.
                              Travelocity has a link on the itinerary they send you or the one on-line that gives you the policy of the actual ticket you are booking! Plus if you call them up they tell you up front what the fees are! Do you know, I didn't even know the original charge of $50.00 was ONLY $50.00 because it was inside 24 hours!
                              The Travelocity booking was basically the same price (4.00 less). I think these guys run in packs!

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