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How Do You Save for Travel?

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  • How Do You Save for Travel?

    These days, many of us have to work a little harder these days to find money to travel. How do you shore up your travel funds when you're saving for a big trip? Check out our suggestions below and then share your own!

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    Sarah Schlichter
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    Re: How Do You Save for Travel?

    I don't usually do anything specific to save up for travel -- I just follow a frugal lifestyle all year round. We don't eat out much, because I'd rather cook at home and put money toward a trip. SO and I don't buy each other birthday or Christmas gifts either; instead we'll take a day trip or put money toward a longer vacation.
    "I haven't been everywhere yet, but it's on my list." -- Susan Sontag


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      Re: How Do You Save for Travel?

      I was born during WW2, and life in the UK was pretty difficult when I was growing up, so I knew all about economising. Perhaps I forgot a little, when we were 1st married, and had 2 salaries coming in.
      Now we're retired, I put all my early years experience into practice....I know how to cook healthy food from scratch, using local and seasonal ingredients. I never impulse buy at the supermarket, except for cheap sell-by items, which I freeze. We've downgraded the car, and have a senior rail card.....the station is only 100 yards away, so travel is cheap and handy.
      I use charity shops and e-bay a necklaces are all from Age Concern, at 1 a time, and the evening bags for cruise the same...
      We know to the penny how to get to Southampton for our cruises, and which cheap but clean hotel chains to use for the night.
      We book last minute holidays from the internet, as we're not bothered about all the luxury trimmings- been there, had the trappings, enjoy the simplicity these days!
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