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  • Edreams

    Not sure why I have not seen this site before. A few of you have used Edreams before, online booking site for airlines and Hotels, and frankly, it is all a scam.

    Rude agents on the other end of the line. Made a booking a week ago to fly from Riyadh and Bahrain. Then they wanted scans of the credit card and passport, done. Bank released the payment. I fly out today at 1600 hours and still no ticket. The airline has no record of me either.

    Conclusion - do not book using Edreams

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    Re: Edreams

    This is so true. However I have a very good advice to share for all you fellow travelleres out there, . eDreams is a scam company with a perfect front. That means they also have a Facebook site. This is where you hit them, and hit them hard! So..
    1. Search: eDreams
    2. Make a disclaimer for fraud/down in the left corner of every FB-site
    3. Also make your complaint through their FB-site/donīt use the fake telephone numbers they give you
    4. Stress that you will take legal action and start a facebook campaign against them if you donīt get a fast result..
    (It took less then an hour for me to get my money back.)
    Good luck! Happy trails.


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      Re: Edreams

      Housebengt, your advice about complaining through their Facebook site helped me to get my money back within an hour and then I blocked my credit card. Never again with eDreems!
      Thank you, your advice helped me!