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Italy Train Fare? High season VS low season

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  • Italy Train Fare? High season VS low season

    So hi everyone! I'm trying to plan my honeymoon to Italy for next summer. I looked up online train fares from city to city in Italy. It gave me the low seasons. I was wondering how much more the high season train tickets are than the low season......

    For example Rome to Florence its $45 in the low season per person.

    What would it be in the high season estimated?

    I'm just trying to figure out how much $ train fare is going to be



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    Re: Italy Train Fare? High season VS low season

    Ciao Scarlet,

    Why not purchase an Italy RailPass? Even better is that if you are two travelling together, you can get the Flexi-Pass, which is an even better value. You buy the pass based on how many TRAVEL DAYS you'll need so you'll kind of need to have a good idea on what your itinerary will be, especially on the long haul rides etc. The passes are sold in blocks of days, like 4 days over 2 months, 8 days over 2 months etc. So, if you are planning to cover a lot of Italy, it pays to get the 8 day Flexi-Pass for the two of you - you must always travel together on this pass. It covers Inter-City, Regional and Local Railways but not Metros. Essentially any train in Italy except an underground mass transit.

    To check out passes:

    Purchasing point-to-point tickets can be an annoying hassle and this way, you have your pass, on the day you're going to travel you write the date in on your pass, BUT EVEN BEFORE YOU TRAVEL, MAKE SURE YOU RESERVE YOUR SEAT! YOU CAN DO THIS AT ANY RAIL STATION OR AT ANY LOCAL TRAVEL AGENCY. This didn't use to be important BUT IT IS NOW!! Especially if you're on, like, a 4+ hour trip like I was, after a weekend strike, and find yourself on a Monday morning train out of Bologna, en route to Roma, packed into a place sardines would consider ROOMY, for over 4 hours that was pure torture!!!!!!!! Had a similar experience on BritRail coming home from Edinburgh; we changed trains at I can't remember where now, and from then on, MISERY. That time, it was account of overdue track repair work being done on a Sunday with train traveling at 10mph so frequently, a horse and carriage would have made better time and I concluded that that was the last time (carriage days) that the rails had probably been worked on!! Again, torture. I had to do my rude NY ELBOWing to get to the food car - and even being small and able to get through crowds - it took a good long time. Misery. More misery waiting when I got to Waterloo Station in London because I then needed to take the Southwest line to get to my "home" in Tadley and get off at station in Basingtoke. I was assured the train I was on (and had been using) would stop there. It didn't. I was on the BLOODY TRAIN ALL DARN DAY/NIGHT!!!!!!!

    And do seriously consider your Flexi-Pass for the Italy trip - no need to purchase point to point tickets; the pass allows for spontaneity, flexibility and good value.

    Buon Viaggio e Buona Fortuna!
    Colleen Costello
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      Re: Italy Train Fare? High season VS low season

      thank you so much! that was incredibly helpful