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When is your Spring School Vacation Week?

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  • When is your Spring School Vacation Week?

    Most of the schools in CT seem to have the week of April 14 - 20, 2002 off. I wouldn't be surprised if other areas do also. Do any of you have either the previous week or the following week off? I am curious to get a feel for the overall picture in the US. Please respond with City and State if other than April 14 - 20.

    Thank you,

    Tom Webster

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    Spring vacation week

    I is different in different localities.

    Even within a state it can differ. Some schools have their break based on whenever midterm falls. Others key it in to the actual date of the Easter holiday. Public school breaks in a locality are often different from private school breaks.

    There is no comprehensive list of Easter breaks that I know of for the myriad of localities that exists in the US. Unlike foreign countries, the dates of the breaks are not dictated by a central governmental education authority.

    And so forth. . . .


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      Most spring break sessions are in Mid-March, at least in NJ I think they are. Those are the dates I think I remember. Maybe it's different on the West Coast. There are different climates to consider I believe.


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        When is your Spring School Vacation Week?

        My intent was to find out when Spring vacations were for secondary public schools and not colleges. I think there may be more conformity this year with Easter so early, but that's what I am looking to find out. I thought the exception format would give me some insight. All I wanted was exception replies such as:

        East Podunk, ME April 6 - 13, 2002


        Tom Webster


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