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How Do You Deal with Culture Shock?

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  • How Do You Deal with Culture Shock?

    How do you deal with culture shock when you're in a strange new place? Share your tips (and your most memorable experiences of culture shock) here!

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    Sarah Schlichter
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    Re: How Do You Deal with Culture Shock?

    I had to laugh when I read that article; I've been to Morocco (though not Tangier) and definitely ran into my share of hustlers. It's pretty unsettling! We learned the Arabic for "no thank you" within the first couple of days and used it constantly to ward off would-be guides and salesmen.

    In terms of handling culture shock, I don't know how much you can do besides read up about where you're going ahead of time, learning a few words in the local language, and trying to keep an open mind. Sometimes you just have to ride the weirdness out.
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      Re: How Do You Deal with Culture Shock?

      Yes. It's sort of a different world elsewhere from where you live. The culture, people's mindset and social ideas differ. I often visit the Indian sub continent and there people are very stern and serious about what to wear, how to's like not a 'western' world.