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Easy Ways to Improve a Trip

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  • Easy Ways to Improve a Trip

    You don't need smartphones or other high-tech gadgets to make your next trip more enjoyable and less stressful. Which simple recommendations would you offer other travelers to ease the way on their next trip? Check out our ideas below and then post your own.

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    Sarah Schlichter
    Senior Editor
    Independent Traveler

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    Re: Easy Ways to Improve a Trip

    Excellent advice, as usual.

    Although I too have had problems with online restaurant and other reviews from sites like Yelp--how can their visitors differ so much from us?--I've fared much better with up-to-date "old-fashioned" Lonely Planet ones.

    More and more, I am downloading Lonely Planet chapters most relevant to trips. These go for under $5 and are well worth it. Of course, if I am doing a comprehensive first trip to a region, I am more likely to carry an actual guidebook.


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      Re: Easy Ways to Improve a Trip

      Interesting, I'll check it out.