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  • Do You Take the Bus?

    Do you ever take public buses when you travel, or do you opt instead to fly, take a train or rent a car? Share your bus travel tips and experiences below.

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    Sarah Schlichter
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    Re: Do You Take the Bus?

    Um...I always take public transpot, if I'm on my own....we try not to use the car, if we can avoid it ( although OH without a car is like losing half his body....)
    As pensioners, we have the choice of country wide free bus travel, or else 1/3 off train travel, which we use as we have a station 50 metres away. Coach travel is saved for certain trips out where we are going to a specific destination; ordinary bus travel is for local shops etc.
    The longest coach trip we undertake is from our area to Southampton for a cruise- about 400 miles. These coaches have a loo; a guaranteed seat, and make stops every 100 or so miles.
    Many people from our village take coach holidays to places like Austria, France or Switzerland....a lot have been to Oberammagou this year. Another favourite is a Mystery Holiday by coach....from this area, the mystery was a trip to the Beamish village museum near Durham, and on to Whitby and Scarborough- I fancy that!
    My next coach trip will be a day out on the canals, from Lancaster- in Lancashire- which is about 90 miles away. It's with our U3A Science group, and will be a real treat!
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      Re: Do You Take the Bus?

      I took a Greyhound bus from Baltimore to NYC many years ago. The bus itself was fine -- the terminal where I got on in Baltimore wasn't particularly nice. ::shrug::

      When I'm traveling, I will definitely at least consider buses if they're available -- especially if they're cheap. But I'll pay more if other transit options have more convenient times or are significantly faster.
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