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Which Resort Will Suit Both?

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  • Which Resort Will Suit Both?

    I don't think we'll manage much of a holiday this year, as we've moved to a place which is taking up a lot of our time (and money!). I thought that a quick week away might suit- but we have different ideas....
    OH loves to snorkel- his best resorts have been the Red Sea, the Caribbean and Hawaii.
    I have skin which frizzles up in the sun- I've even burnt under shade before- and heat doesn't agree with me, nor am I enamoured of beaches unless they're cold and windswept.
    I'm looking at a winter break in Egypt- the Red Sea again, preferably on the Thomson cruise- he can swim all day, and I'll go to the main sights; or else flying to Dubrovnik, to stay at the small resort of Cavtat- he can be a water babe, and I'll take the ferries across to the islands.
    Do any of you have different ideas about holidays- and how do you work it so that each of you have an enjoyable time?
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    Re: Which Resort Will Suit Both?

    We have been traveling together for 40 years. Here's what we do-we take turns picking the trip/destination. That way we each get to go to those special places we individually want to see. Then, we plan activities that both of us will enjoy on the trip. We pick the hotels we like together, the restaurants that look good, etc.

    We prefer our own company to that of other traveling strangers, so even when one of us wants to do something the other isn't fond of, we usually go together. My SO burns like a crab also, while I am a beach baby. We just find beachy areas with shade, and I try to keep my sun time to a nice minimum.

    We both travel alone at times, but neither of us prefers this. We would rather compromise a little and be together for the fun. Hope this helps. In the end, I always think any vacation is better than no vacation!!


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      Re: Which Resort Will Suit Both?

      Thanks- I love the "burn like a crab" bit!- that's me, OK.....
      We're still dithering around.....although we're retired, OH still does a certain amount of work, so he seems to have booked something every week until June, so we're in no big hurry. If not this year, then we'll probably book Egypt for next January. Croatia's too hot for both of us in the summer, so perhaps in the autumn- there or a Greek island. Hopefully we'll have a warm summer here as well.....
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        Re: Which Resort Will Suit Both?

        Ah, that's tricky! My two main travel companions are my SO and my mother, and they both like pretty different things -- SO and I tend to do more of the nature/hiking/wildlife stuff, and my mom and I do the arts/culture thing. I divide my trips appropriately -- that way I don't have to bore SO with hours at art museums (and I don't have to rush through them to accommodate him). Sounds like you guys need a place with both good beaches and culture. Dubrovnik sounds just lovely...
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