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When You Hear The Name Of A Favourite Resort......

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  • When You Hear The Name Of A Favourite Resort......

    ......what image springs into your mind? If it's mentioned on the TV, say, or in an article you're reading?
    For instance, if I hear Santorini, I'm immediately on a roof terrace, watching the sunset and eating a Mousaka with Santorini sweet wine.
    Istanbul will always be that incredible silhouette as we sailed towards it one evening.
    If DisneyWorld ismentioned, then I'm standing on the landing stage, waiting for the paddle steamer to cross the lake and take me to the fairy tale castle.....
    I'm sure some of you will have instant pictures like that at the mention of a place....?
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    Re: When You Hear The Name Of A Favourite Resort......

    Yes! Morocco = sitting on a rooftop in the Fes medina after dark, which was one of those moments where you're just struck by that incredible "I can't believe I'm here" feeling. Florence = turning a corner and being confronted with the massive, beautiful Duomo. (Actually had a similar moment in Guatemala, when I rounded a corner and caught my first site of one of those huge temples at Tikal.)
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      Re: When You Hear The Name Of A Favourite Resort......

      This will sound SO cliche but, my breath truly was taken away when I *finally* saw the Eiffel Tower. When I came up from the Trocadero Metro stop, I expected to just look up and see it, but I didn't. I was impatient and frustrated.....then I just wandered and suddenly, there it was on a clear blue glorious sunny day. I DID stop breathing for a moment.

      I did my happy dance (almost never done in public) as I walked along a promenade of the Mediterranean, past some fisherman on my way to a late dinner after checking into my hotel in Monaco.

      In Hong Kong, I just stopped and thought - I'm really I realized just how much this city could affect every single one of my senses at the same time and also, I never thought I'd ever be in Asia!

      Despite being exhausted upon arrival in Sydney, my B&B host told me not to sleep, but instead to have a shower, change and she'd map out a nice walk for me to take. I grumbled but did as she said and it was worth it on many levels but initially, the payoff of that walk (there were many highlights along the way) was that after following a bend along the promenade along the Harbour, there came into sight the magnificent Opera House and again, I believe I was breathless and happy dancing. Might have been the only time both of those things happened at the same time

      Oh and getting to the top of Fox Glacier in New Zealand WITHOUT falling into a crevasse and dying was pretty cool and indeed, very cold! Awesome!

      There have been so many great firsts and I'm looking forward to more, always. But going back to faves can still do it to me too; the Eiffel Tower somehow ALWAYS gets me. I know, I'm totally corny. But me and Paris, we have a special thing though I have LOVED so many places......ahhhh
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