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Frequent Flier Programs

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  • Frequent Flier Programs

    Curious -- what is your favorite frequent flier program, and why? I am a member of two at the moment (US Airways and AirTran), though I don't have enough miles yet on either to be able to judge how good they are. Are some programs better than others, or are they all pretty similar?

    I was also wondering whether it's worth being loyal to one airline in order to build up FF miles. I've heard a lot about it being harder to redeem miles these days than it used to be -- is that true? What experiences have you guys had?

    Thanks for any feedback!
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    Re: Frequent Flier Programs

    I am a member of Air Canada's Aeroplan program. I joined back in 1997 when I first started travelling for work. Most Canadian corporations have discounts with Air Canada, so most of my business travel is with them. There are few other national carriers in Canada, and while many of the US carriers fly into Toronto (my home airport), it's much easy and faster to collect points with one alliance (Star Alliance) than it is to split it across a number of different programs.

    I recently redeemed a reward flight to Tokyo, which I am taking in July. I booked about 6 weeks before the travel, which is cutting it pretty late. Usually I haven't had a problem getting reward travel if you book a three months in advance. I was surprised I got Tokyo, actually. Originally I was trying to Europe, but couldn't get a single reward flight for the first two weeks in July on that short notice.

    Air Canada is pretty good with reward seats. They apparently have one of the highest number of seats available, and are increasing the number of seats next year. They have implemented varying levels of rewards seats, though, so the later you book, the more points you need to use.


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      Re: Frequent Flier Programs

      I have to say that I am really down on the FF programs. I am a member of Delta, Continental and United. I was trying to book a flight to Savannah in March for travel in August and it was impossible without using double miles. Now you can't tell me there is a rush if people trying to go from NYC to Savannah in August. Do you know how hot it is?
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        Re: Frequent Flier Programs

        Kiss Your Miles Good Bye ... My room mate and I are both FF fliers of Delta, I had travel back and forth from Washington to CT and Fla over the past 6 years enough to accumilated 2 round trip tickets ... well check this out 2 weeks ago I went to cash in on a round trip to Fla for a wedding that I will be attending in August and I was told that because I did not use them with in the last past 3 years that they are now all GONE!! There's More !! My Room mate who has been flying and saving miles for over 10 years and made a trip last Aug to be with her mother in Fla, who was having heart surgery and used her miles saved and was told at the time she used them last year, that she and her daughter could fly round trip and barely put a dent in her saved miles. Now... check this ---> She also calls when she finds out about my miles to check her miles and all she has enough for is one round trip ticket ..... WE ARE GETTING ROBBED BT DELTA !!!


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          Re: Frequent Flier Programs

          kiss us air ff miles good-by, you can never find a seat to use them.
          we have given up any card that has anything to do with U S Air Miles.
          I did find out that if you go on line at 12:01 am the 1st of each month and try to book, you stand a better chance of finding a ticket. When we tryed to get a ticket everthing for 4 months was blocked. We call and ask them to tell us what they had open for ff miles, nothing for over 4 months,however, if you purchased a ticket, almost anytime, any seat was open.


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            Re: Frequent Flier Programs

            U. S. Air miles are no better-but you might try booking at 12:01 am the 1st day of each new month.


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              Re: Frequent Flier Programs

              if u ask me they hv been worthless for years u can never use them even if u try to book months in advance


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                Re: Frequent Flier Programs

                Doesn't Southwest always "win" in the FF ratings game? I think they won the 'Freddie Award's " Program of the Year again this May...
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                  Re: Frequent Flier Programs

                  Yep, like others have said, you pretty much have to use double points now to book a flight. I have tons of FF miles including 300,000+ points on Delta and 200,000+ on US Air. I wanted to take my family on a vacation somewhere in the Caribbean and was pretty flexible on where and when and started looking 3 months in advance, but had to settle on using double points I've used points the past 4 summers to take a trip and never had this problem. The one thing I like about the US Air FF program is that they show you alternate dates on-line if lower point seats are available - Delta doesn't do this.


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                    Re: Frequent Flier Programs

                    I have been a member of Continental's frequent flyer program since 1987 and have been delighted with it. I can carry miles from year to year, I often fly first class and I have had no problem redeeming miles when I want to if I can be a little flexible on days and hours. I've found the staff to be extremely helpful and with 1.3 million miles I'm a happy camper. Better than any program I've heard about from other flyers.


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                      Re: Frequent Flier Programs

                      the reality is the airlines are scamming all of us with these ff programs. if a seat ia available for double mileage,why is it not available for regular mileage? available is available regardless of the the number of miles.


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                        Re: Frequent Flier Programs

                        Forgive me murphydog. Not meaning to steal your name but I thought it was so funny since Murphy really IS my dog (one of them anyway). Couldn't help myself.

                        I have been an AA Advantage member for many, many years. I never had any problems cashing in my mileage at all. Due to a job change I just don't have time to travel much and even though I hold enough mileage for a ticket or 2 haven't checked into redeeming them so not sure about their current ability to accomodate. I admit that while I flew a lot I would pay more for an American ticket so I got my mileage credit.

                        I did try to redeem some Delta mileage (cashed in from my AMEX bonus program) so I could fly with my mom and sister on a trip where they were flying Delta. I did not care if I went at the same time as them or even if I stayed as long as them. Wanted to just join them for a few days. Prior to cashing in the miles into my Delta FF program (I already had an account with them but needed more miles for the ticket) I called and spoke to several Delta people to confirm I could use these miles for this specific trip. Was told absolutely. As soon as I cashed them into the program, 30 minutes later, there were no seats available within the period I had asked about. Not only that period but I was told not on ANY flight at ANY time for the next 6 months unless I wanted to double the miles and I was still limited. (My mother and sister were willing to change their trip to accomodate me, which was easier since they were paying for). Quite the ripoff I'd say. I ended up purchasing the ticket instead and had my pick of seats. The return flight was less than 1/2 full. Just trying to talk to someone at Delta if I wanted to use FF miles was a joke. I could only speak to people in India at a call station who were reading from a prepared sheet. Whenever they hit a glitch they would ask "do you need a rental car with that?" like they were asking if I needed fries with my burger. They hadn't even gotten me on a flight but they knew to ask if I needed a rental.

                        I have yet to redeem my mileage with them (enough for an international trip) and feel cheated.

                        In addition, I recently had to change some flights due to a medical emergency, the day before a flight on Delta. I once again got the India call station and they read from their list and since my situation was not on the list they were clueless. After being passed around from person to person and a few real tears I finally got a supervisor in Atlanta who was amazing. She bent over backwards to make it better and only because of her will I continue to do business with Delta in the future.


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                          Re: Frequent Flier Programs

                          For all the lowdown on frequent flyer programs from all the road warriors out there check out my favorite website

                          You'll learn how to maximize your mileage and hotel point opportunities.
                          You'll also get plenty of insight on how to 'work' the system. Legally of course.