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Do Not Use Edreams Booking Website

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    Re: Do Not Use Edreams Booking Website

    I have still not received the refund for my canceled flight from April. What do I need to do to get my refund? I paid edreams but now I need to wait endlessly for the airline to refund my ticket, while edreams does absolutely nothing. This is unacceptable!!!!!


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      Re: Do Not Use Edreams Booking Website

      We also have an issue with E dreams - we booked 4 flights from Palermo (Italy) to Paris and paid in full. The flights were cancelled at the last minute leaving us in the position that we needed to purchase alternative flights at a substantial premium from another booking service (E Dreams wanted much more). I have since attempted to obtain a refund for the original flights but despite calling their hugely expensive phone service and numerous emails have had absolutely no acknowledgement from them. They have a complaints email service that promises a reply within 4 days but no answer from that either. We have travelled extensively and used internet very successfully in the past and never come across such an unethical operator. Definitely do not use them!!
      Originally posted by Snoopix View Post
      I agree...

      I had the same experience: I received confirmation (and I was charged of the transaction fee), but at the airport I discovered there wasn't any ticket reserved for me. I had to purchase a new one and never received the reimburse for the eDreams transaction fees.

      The support hot line is very expensive and they don't answer emails.

      Overall a very bad service. Other on-line agencies are much better and more transparent with customer.

      I had problem with eDreams in Italy, I guess it's the same all over the world...



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        Re: Do Not Use Edreams Booking Website

        Refund now received!!!!


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          Re: Do Not Use Edreams Booking Website

          I have the same problem as other, I booked but they told me that they couldnt take money from my bank account and they cancelled my ticket, but when I checked my bank account there is no money left, and in bank they told me that edreams took that money. i sent lots of emails and called them but still no solution of problem and even didnt answer my emails. i need this money to be refunded quickly or give me a ticket that I booked. It is really important and urgent for me.
          My reservation No. is ZHQES8
          Originally posted by edreams_en View Post

          Hi, you have been informed correctly by both parts. We are the ones to process the refund. Which means we are the ones to request Malev to refund the amount due, which whe have done already.

          However the airline is the one to make the actual refund back into your credit/debit card once they approve our petition, which they still haven't done.

          Our records show that the refund has been requested for a while now, but are still pending execution by Malev.


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            Re: Do Not Use Edreams Booking Website

            Has anyone had the wrong flights booked on eDreams by the website? I just booked 3 one way flights and 2 of them came back as round trip. When I booked it I double checked I had the correct information as this is a site I had never heard of and sure enough it came back incorrect. The number on their website is a 900 number and cell phones in the US are blocked from dialing and I have no landline. I have emailed 2 of the emails listed on their website and have had no response, not even the automated responses talked about here. I went on the KLM website to see if my booking is confirmed and it is not found...I am really nervous I was just ripped off. Any suggestions?


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              Re: Do Not Use Edreams Booking Website

              Not only is eDreams the worst travel 'booking' site that I have used, it has the worst customer service that I have seen in my life.

              I tried to book round trip tickets to Barcelona with them in November, they got me tickets for my outbound flight and a reservation for my return. When I got to the airport in Barcelona for my return I tried to use my reservation number to check in and the airline told me that I didn't have a ticket (though I had a reservation). Then I had to pay the airline to get tickets at the airport, even though eDreams was happy to have charged me for the service of having made a reservation beforehand. When I got back I went through their online form to make a claim and get a refund, it took them nearly a month to make first contact, they asked me for proof that I paid the ticket, I sent it to them in two forms. I haven't heard anything since, despite nearly weekly reminders to come back with some sort of news, 2 months and counting.... Thanks eDreams.


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                Re: Do Not Use Edreams Booking Website

                So I booked my flights to South America with EDreams, and got an email saying that no payment had been taken, my payment was pending and that the price I had seen was not guaranteed. I then got an email the next day saying that they required a photocopy of both sides of my credit card, and my passport. This aroused my suspicions, so I looked them up and have seen numerous complaints. I therefore emailed back to say that I do not wish to provide such details via email, to which I got an automated 'on vacation for a few days' reply. Convenient, considering I knew the BA sale would be ending in a couple of days so the prices would soon go up.

                I therefore emailed them to cancel the flight, and phoned my bank to ask for their advice. They have informed me that EDreams have taken two lots of 33 from my account, yet apparently they needed a photocopy in order to take any money?? And also didn't they say that my payment was pending and no money had been taken. I have emailed to cancel the flight, but as yet no reply. Outrageous.


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                  Re: Do Not Use Edreams Booking Website

                  Like everyone here, I made the mistake of booking with edreams. I consider myself to be quite travel-savvy and having booked many flights online through various booking companies one of the first things I usually do is check out the reviews for both the airline and the booking company. The one time I failed to do this, I get scammed.

                  I booked a flight from Vienna to Paris, received an email to say that my credit card hadn't worked and to try booking again. However, the total amount for the flight was deducted from my card within 5 minutes of completing the booking! I called the number that was in the email (which I've posted below) and was told that I would have to send a copy of my passport and credit card to verify myself to ensure the booking was finalised. I sent a copy of my drivers licence (with all personal info and signature covered up) and called them straight after to verify credit card over the phone but was told that when they tried to deduct the amount for the flight (WHICH THEY HAD ALREADY DONE!!!), once again my card "was rejected"....huh??!!

                  After another phone call in which they said that the money would be refunded in 3 days and that they were unable to book my flight unless I paid by bank transfer (by now I had read myriad complaints about them on several sites), I told them to forget the booking and that I would call back if the money was not in my account in 3 days. Surprise surprise - the money is not there. Another phone call left me seething, their answer is that they have fully refunded the money and that there must be a problem with my bank. I was told that if I had an issue I must now go through the claims department. In my view this is outright theft and I am not going to let this go without a fight.

                  I'm a journalist and after reading hundreds of complaints I figure it's time we try to do something about these people. I want to take this to as many national newspapers and travel mags as I possibly can.


                  Here is the phone number that I used for edreams: +34 902 88 71 07 (to save yourself a few cents and if you need to speak to someone in english, push 4 for other language service and push 1 for english).


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                    Re: Do Not Use Edreams Booking Website

                    We had a similar experience with Edreams. I booked a flight in Demember and last week (March) recieved an email from Edreams stating that my flight had been changed to a different day. I emailed the company saying the date they had changed it to did not suit me as I would not be in London that day. I recieved an email saying to contact them. I tried to do so but had no luck as the number did not work. I emailed again and recieved the last automatic email as before. I tried various emails still to no avail. One week later after 5 emails I managed to get through on their phone line. They told me there was nothing that could be done and to ring them the next day. When I rang the next day again they told me there was no guaranteed refund and if they did decide to it may take six weeks and they would be deducting a booking fee. They also refused to contact me to discuss or sort the matter out.

                    They were rude on the phone, evasive and still have given no information or promised our cancelled flight tickets back! All the UK contact details on their website are fake as well. Never book with Edreams!!


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                      Re: Do Not Use Edreams Booking Website

                      @ edreams_en
                      I just booked a ticket through your site and form what I understand from this thread I guess I will not get my ticket...The money's already extracted from my bank account but I haven't received an e-ticket yet; will that happen at all???


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                        Re: Do Not Use Edreams Booking Website

                        Today I booked a flight with edreams from Dublin to Brussels international airport. All the way throught the booking process everything was running smooth, I then received my confirmation email only to discover they booked me into the wrong airport. I called the helpline number and got through to someone who could not speak any English and told me I would have to start a cancellation process that could take months. No apology, nothing. whats worse is I used my friends card to book, so I now owe her and need to rebok new flights which I cant afford. what a mess. anyone got advise how to get this sorted fast?


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                          Re: Do Not Use Edreams Booking Website

                          does anybody knows how to communicate with edreams. I bought a ticket with them and they charged me more that they supposed to, plus i just have a booking number but i havent recieved my e-ticket. I tried to call the phone that is online, but i can contact them. If anybody knows please let me know. Next time i travel i will make sure is not via edreams.


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                            Re: Do Not Use Edreams Booking Website

                            E dreams is the most bad booking service I have experienced.
                            The cancelled my flight after 3 days and there is no reply from them. I am so frustrated. I have to call customer care like several times where I have to pay 2.09 Euros per minute, and they put u on hold for 20 minutes everytime u call them.

                            Now I have no ticket I do not know if the money is refunded or they take from my credit card.
                            I checked with the airlines It is fine booking the ticket with me but there is no reply from Edreams. Its just harassment for the customers.

                            Extremely bad service.


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                              Re: Do Not Use Edreams Booking Website

                              EDREAMS IS RUBBISH!!

                              i made a booking to turkey - then got an email saying its not confirmed and to re book... but EDREAMS TOOK ALL THE MONEY! and according to them a refund has been issued- when it has not. My bank has confirmed the money has been taken. Tried emailing- usless. tried calling useless- no one could help despite paying 1.50GBP a minute!

                              I received an email today asking for my full card number and exp date! this is against PCI! they can be prosecuted! any tips ??


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                                Re: Do Not Use Edreams Booking Website

                                Dear Independent Travelers,

                                Please allow us to apologize for any inconveniences that this may have caused. Please send us an email to: With all of your information, confirmation number and travel Itinerary so we can resolve your issue as soon as possible.

                                Thank you for your business,

                                eDreams Team