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What's Ahead for 2012

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  • What's Ahead for 2012

    What do you think 2012 holds for globetrotters? Traveler's Ed offers his predictions here:

    And now we want to hear yours. Post your predictions for 2012 (or your travel plans!) below.
    Sarah Schlichter
    Senior Editor
    Independent Traveler

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    Re: What's Ahead for 2012

    No. 3- Europe will become affordable again must be countered by the fact that many millions of Europeans are more likely to stay around, rather than disappearing on long haul flights. It is easy to travel within the EU, and the famous playgrounds of Spain, Italy and Greece will be popular, as well as Turkey.
    By the way, Tunisia is back on the holiday market again, and Sharm el Sheikh, on Egypt's Sinai peninsular has remained popular through out the trouble- I know many people who've travelled there after the first uprising. In fact, the cruise ship Thomson Celebration stayed doing cruises in the Red Sea throughout the troubles, and is again back to do her weekly jaunts this winter, and is proving popular, even down to the tours of Cairo and Luxor.
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      Re: What's Ahead for 2012

      No idea where I'm headed this year, but probably nowhere exotic. We need to take a cheap trip this year after splurging on New Zealand last year! Maybe Canada or somewhere within the U.S.
      "I haven't been everywhere yet, but it's on my list." -- Susan Sontag


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        Re: What's Ahead for 2012

        Because of the Euro crisis, it might get cheaper for Americans to vacation in Europe.


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          Re: What's Ahead for 2012

          Euro trips for travellers from outside the continent will definitely be more affordable.
          It is also interesting to read about camera ban, because it is sometimes exploited too much by tourists.