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    Have you ever showed up at a hotel only to find a mouse in the shower, a TV on the fritz or, worst of all, no room waiting for you at all? Share your worst hotel horror stories here!

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    Re: Hotel Horror Stories

    I booked a smoking room at the Westin in Cancun on the hotel website. When I checked in, the desk clerk informed me that all rooms were non-smoking and they had upgraded me to a room with a balcony, which cost $40 more than the room I originally booked. Since it was 11:30 PM and I had 2 of my cats with me, I took it, but was not happy and didn't like the room anyway. I checked out the next morning and told the desk they should change their website to reflect that all rooms are non-smokng.


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      Re: Hotel Horror Stories

      Hmm. Well, the previous worst was this ultra-budget hotel in Atrani (on the Amalfi Coast of Italy), where there was no curtain in the bathroom -- so the shower streamed down all over the toilet and got the entire bathroom wet. We had clothing that we washed in the sink and hung up around the room to dry; unfortunately it was really humid, so when we got back after a day of sightseeing the clothes were still wet and the un-air-conditioned room was even more damp and uncomfortable than it already was.

      But the absolute worst happened last November in Dominica, when I woke up at 4 a.m. to see an intruder climbing out the window right next to my side of the bed. He had taken a 12-foot ladder and broken into our second-floor room while we were sleeping. He must have been in the room for a little while because he had walked all the way around our bed and rooted through our clothes until he found SO's wallet. Beyond the annoyance of losing money and credit cards, it was a really scary, unsettling experience to have on the first night of a trip; we were jumpy for the rest of the vacation.
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        Re: Hotel Horror Stories

        Radisson Hotel Cocoa Beach Florida.
        Bad experience.
        My sister made reservations at the Radisson Hotel in Cocoa Beach FL. For May 13th, 14th, and 15th 2010 for two rooms, one for her and my other sister and one for me, her brother. We were there to see the Space Shuttle launch that Friday. A week before the trip she cancelled the reservation for the 15th and it was verified by e-mail, two rooms for the 13th and 14th for $129. Per room per day. We checked in Thursday afternoon the 13th. Friday we drove to Titusville to see the launch. When we got back to the hotel that afternoon our key cards wouldn’t open the gate to the parking lot, another guest used his card to let us in the lot. Then we discovered our cards wouldn’t open the doors to our rooms so my sister who made the reservations and paid for the rooms with her bankcard went to talk to the manager in the lobby. The Radisson Hotel Cocoa Beach FL. had made a mistake in the reservation; my sister has the saved e-mails of the reservations. Then we discovered that they had rented my room to someone else, who hadn’t checked in yet, removed all my luggage and disposed of all my food, snacks and drinks. THEN the manager Robert was condescending to my sister attempting to blame her for THEIR ERROR by telling her this wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t changed the reservation a week earlier, which people do all the time, and the change was confirmed by e-mail. The change was a simple one, instead of the 13th, 14th, and 15th, just the 13th, and 14th. How difficult is that? I personally didn’t go down to the lobby because my sister is a lot more cool-headed than I am. THEN after giving her the new key cards they had the audacity to expect her to carry my luggage back up to my room, of course she made a staffer bring the luggage back and nothing was tampered with or stolen but I did loose all my food and drinks which they had nothing say about. THEN, while checking her bank statement she discovered they, (Raddison Hotel Cocoa Beach FL.), was significantly overcharging her for the rooms, not was agreed to in the reservation contract so she had to go back to the lobby. My other sister called the desk and recommend to them they at least comp my room for one night for all the stress, aggravation, loss of food and drinks and spoiling what is supposed to be a good time on vacation. They claimed to have comped the room and fixed the billing error but my sister has yet to see that on her bank statement.
        Now in my opinion and should be obvious to anyone else there’s only one of two possible reasons this bad experience with the Radisson Hotel Cocoa Beach FL. happened. Either management and billing is incompetent at making and managing reservations and Robert is despicable enough not to admit THEIR MISTAKE, blaming it on the guest and being rude and condescending to the guest, OR, they intentionally manipulated the reservation to bilk more money from the customer that wasn’t agreed to in the reservation contract which is called theft, something a common criminal would do. Either way it’s still bad business and low down for Robert to be rude and condescending and blame the guest for a mistake they had made.

        Sorry for the big bold font, it was cut and paste from my files.


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          Re: Hotel Horror Stories

          Hi Shootin,

          Sorry to hear of your aweful experience at the Radisson, it surely did go horribly wrong and they have not corrected their errors yet. Here's how you get them to:

          Go online and look up where the US Corporate Headquarters are for Radisson Hotels (if they are part of the group, so be it) and then send a letter outlining exactly what happened and use Robert's name, times, etc., and address the letter to the PRESIDENT of the company - you don't even have to know his/her will get to their Exec Assistant and be read, be sure to write "Personal & Confidential" on the lower left corner of your envelope. Now here's the key. At the end of your letter, beneath where you sign, you must indicate the following:
          CC: Attorney General, State of Florida
          Consumer Affairs Division

          And then, likewise, you must send a copy of your letter with a brief cover letter, to the Florida State Attorney General's Consumer Affairs Division and mail that baby off together with the letter to the Radisson. Your letter will OPEN THE EYES of the people at Radisson and my expectation - you should be receiving some free night vouchers as recompensation for your horrible treatment. Radisson does NOT like to lose a customer. If for some unexpected reason, you have not heard from the Radisson (include copies of all emails you referred to above, keep originals of course) the Attorney General's office will contact you and commence an investigation into what happened and see if the matter can't be resolved, i.e. they will help to bring you some recompensation because that is one of the reasons they exist. They are public officials and they are here to serve US.

          So grab your computer and get those letters going. Send them out and see what happens.

          I am sure you will see some positive outcome from taking this action and I wish you good luck. I have seen this work countless times before and I know it will work for you. Stop quibbling with the front desk and go to the TOP DESK!

          Let us know how it turns out - give it some time, but I am sure this will work for you. You were robbed and wronged; it's illegal and will be rectified by Radisson OR the Attorney General. Things will be FINE.
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            Re: Hotel Horror Stories

            I appreciate the info, I will link your post to my sister who paid for the lodging on this trip, she is pretty upset about the whole ordeal as you can imagine. It's not as much as getting anything back from the Radisson as it is to prevent them from treating future guests that way.


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              Re: Hotel Horror Stories

              Really very good stories. i love many of them. i hope that this will not gonna happen with me.