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  • How do you PM (private message) someone

    How do you PM (private message) someone – or can you even PM someone on this board? I am trying to PM the modirators who I believe responded to some post about on –board courier. However, I don’t see any PM links anywhere on this board. Does private message exist here? Well here is what I wanted to PM below. Thanks.



    I guess I’m a bit impatience, unrealistic, or perhaps expecting this board to be like the few other message boards I joined. Meaning that if I post something or make a thread someone usually at least comments and/or responds within the first day. And usually you get a least a handful of replies. I noticed that folks barely noticed or read my post and thus far, no one replied. Being that I’m new, I can only follow up on what this guy said. Is it that this board is now full of couples and 80% of the singles/back packers or respondents left?

    If so, what board might have they went to. And more so, if you are the person who did the on –board courier, can you PLEASE give me some advise on finding one. Here is a copy of my introductory post with all of my info in it.


    Originally posted by GypsyJane View Post
    A few years ago I was a frequent lurker and occasional poster on the travel boards, but they looked different than these. There were a number of wonderful, friendly people (frequent posters that I got to know) on them who's names I don't see on these boards, as well as a number of single travel boards that are no longer available.

    Do the old boards still exist and can the old boards be accessed?

    Would you consider adding boards for single folks, particularly for sharing cabins on cruises? Thanks
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