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Turtle Bay Resort, North Shore Ohau?

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  • Turtle Bay Resort, North Shore Ohau?

    Has anyone every stayed here, or heard anything about it? Is it far from everything?

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    Turtle Bay Resort

    Tammi, While we have not stayed there as yet, we will be at the end of this month. Here's the blurb I put in my vacation itinerary. "The premier place to stay on Oahu's famous north shore, 25 minutes from downtown Honolulu, is the Hilton Turtle Bay Resort. It is a great place to get away from it all while relaxing in a low-rise, blissfully Hawaiian setting. It is also a wonderful place to take in a sunset. A countryside oasis a one-hour drive from the bustle of Honolulu, this luxurious 808-acre oceanfront resort is famed for its seclusion and its wealth of activities. There are 27 holes of championship golf (The Links at Kuilima), 10 tennis courts and five miles of shoreline. Two swimming pools, snorkeling, windsurfing, helicopter tours, several restaurants and lounges and many shops." Apparently it's about an hour's drive from Honolulu. My room rate is $129 + 11.41% tax for Oceanfront room.I booked directly with the hotel. If you are a Hilton Honors member the daily parking fee is waived. (If not, just go to the Hilton website and sign up - it's free.) It's down the road from the Polynesian Cultural Center adn close to Sundet Beqch and the Banzai Pipeline. You may see whales from your lanai. You can snorkel on the beach at the resort.


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      How did you get a 129 room? The website says 300 dollars....(well we want to go in June of 2004), there can't be that much of a difference between now and june can there?


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        I stayed at Turtle Bay many many years ago. I do agree that it is the place to get away from all the hullabaloo on Waikiki. However, if you are going to Oahu for the sites (other than the Polynesian Cultural Center--which I found very unimpressive, by the way), it is best to be on Waikiki. There are plusses and minuses either way.

        The Turtle Bay resort was very nice, but there were no places to eat nearby and you sort of become a prisoner of the resort (at high prices) unless you want a long drive. I would like a comment from someone who has stayed at the resort more recently on the availability of alternative restaurants.

        Wherever you stay, DO NOT leave Oahu without visiting the Arizona Memorial. It is very impressive--with more meaning than ever, I'm sure, since September 11th. I have been there twice (on the trip where I stayed at Turtle Bay and on the trip where I stayed on Waikiki) and cried both times. I do suppose the World War II veterans who told stories of their personal experiences on December 7, 1941, while you waited for your turn to go to the Arizona Memorial, are fewer now. I found those stories also very moving as well.

        Enjoy paradise--wherever you decide to stay!


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          Turtle Bay Hilton

          My wife and I stayed there two years ago and had a great time. It's about an hour from Honolulu and it's beautiful. The restaurant was great with good food. Watch out for the Mai Tai's. Two and I was under the table. I loved the iced tea. I liked the polynesian cultural center. It was neat to see Mormon guys who had apparrently just gotten off the plane working there who were white as snow. We saw the best act at one of the places. I think you can take the bus from there for just a couple of bucks and it returns you to the Hilton. I snorkeled there, but the ocean was kind of rough. The true joy of being there is driving to Sunset Beach. It's right across from Sunset Beach Elementary School. There are always surfers there even in the summer. Most of what you experience is relaxation. Visit the pool and just see the sights. I think one of the highlights of the trip was driving back to Honolulu via the north road. I don't know the name, but it goes around the island to the east. It's beautiful and not nearly as stressful as the road to Hana (Maui) My wife and I found the place on that trip where after we die and are creamated, we want our kids to return and sprinkle our ashes. It's beautiful. Oahu may be the most beautiful of all the islands. When you travel back by that road, you'll see why. One place we went to but didn't visit was Wahamia Falls. I wish we had gone in. I heard it was good. Have a great time.


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            Turtle Bay

            I was not clear about the bus. It's a local bus, but I'm not sure of it going to the Polynesian Cultural Center. It's one of those ways to experience local culture. Also the golf club is great there. At the PCC, be sure to catch the night time portion of the show. It was indeed, spectacular.


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              Turtle Bay

              If you are staying at Turtle Bay, the bus is kind of irrelevant as you will certainly nee a car. The hotel does have a pickup service from the airport, but it's pretty expensive.
              We will be back from our trip on March 21st and as soon as I get over the "I had to leave Hawaii" blus, I'll report how things go.
              If you are adventurous, there is an opportunity in Haleiwa (about 12 miles down the road from Turtle Bay) to go in a shark cage and be lowered into a group of slavering sea beasts. My husband is doing it. I guess he has a latent ambition to be brunch.


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                Turtle Bay

                Yes, Please write more about your trip when you get back in March. Such as restaurants that aren't too far to drive too. How far of a drive is sunset beach, and pipe line etc. And again, how did you get such a good deal on the room? I think we really do want to stay at this resort.


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                  Turtle Bay

                  Yes, Please write more about your trip when you get back in March. Such as restaurants that aren't too far to drive too. How far of a drive is sunset beach, and pipe line etc. And again, how did you get such a good deal on the room? I think we really do want to stay at this resort. (My fiance is nuts too and now wants to go in the shark cage! I'm going to be a widow on my honeymoon!)


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                    Turtle Bay rate

                    Got the $129 rate by calling them directly. Could be AAA or AARP or something, I don;t remember, but the trick is that when they give you a rate, ask them if that is the best rate available for that room. Have to go now and finish packing. We leave tomorrow morning for Honolulu.


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