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Day trip to NYC parking help

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  • Day trip to NYC parking help

    We will be driving up to NY from Delaware. In the past we have parked at Newark Train Station (on a weekend) we are going during th week and worry about there being no parking.

    I need suggestions of either an easy in and out parking area in NYC or a train station near NY in NJ that has plenty of parking and is easy to get to.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Day trip to NYC parking help


    You are definitely right to be concerned about the parking situation during the week. There are plenty of parking garages throughout the city, but they are quite expensive and fill up quickly. You can certainly drive to any of the train stations on New Jersey Transit's Northeast Corridor Line and park and ride from whichever you choose (I suggest Edison or Metuchen as they are smaller towns and parking is usually available). You can find schedules and fares here:

    However, I would say that driving to Staten Island and taking the ferry into Lower Manhattan is probably the most convenient and affordable option. You can park right near the ferry port for just $8 per day and the ferry ride itself is free and only takes about 15 minutes. Once you disembark, there is a Subway station right outside the ferry station in Manhattan. You will also have great views of the Statue of Liberty and the new Freedom Tower during your ferry trip. You can find schedules and directions here:

    Hope this helps!

    Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
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      Re: Day trip to NYC parking help

      thank you for the information - I would assume that is St Georges Ferry Terminal - I did not see an address for the parking lots so you happen to know that for the gps - is it an easy drive to get to the terminal from the NJ turnpike?


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        Re: Day trip to NYC parking help

        thank you very much - I am assuming I want to go to St George's Ferry Terminal - the address is 1 bay street - not sure if that is the parking lot address as I could not find that.


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          Re: Day trip to NYC parking help

          Yes, it's the St. George's terminal. It's a bit confusing to get to the parking lot, since you can't really see it from the road. Just have your GPS take you to the terminal and then follow the street signs to get into the parking lot. It's right outside the ferry station entrance.
          Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
          The Independent Traveler
          Assistant Editor


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            Re: Day trip to NYC parking help

            Hi ghc 10,

            If you are just going to be in NYC for one day, I would just bring the car in and do one of two things: parking on residential blocks is free...just be mindful of street cleaning signs and any other particular signage with restrictions. How well do you know NYC neighborhoods? I can suggest areas to try and seek parking for the day. It might be in an uptown neighborhood, west side or east side but all you'd need to do is hop on the nearest subway or, depending upon location, simply walk, to wherever you want to be.

            Will you be visiting on a week day or weekend day? It is generally easier to find street parking on the weekends, but not impossible on weekdays. I drive in all the time (I live in an outer borough of NYC) and always find parking. Sometimes, I make a spot but I'm a New Yorker so don't do that!!

            Option two: Park in a lot but NOT AT FULL PRICE!! Here is a link to garages that have flat rate daily parking rates which vary upon location but are surprising (even to me) reasonable. Here's the link: There are coupons.....also check, they seem to have coupon codes for everything. Same if you check Groupon NYC for "deals" or Local Deals for NYC. Some of the rates I saw in the link were amazing and would cost less or the same as if you parked in NJ or SI and then still had to pay to get into NYC by train or ferry. Why not pay one low rate and park here, save time with no transfers and get busy seeing NYC! If you get into the city early, you might just score a prime street spot. I had a grad school professor who drove into the city all the time and in the area I'd least expect him to have found street parking - The Village!! That's downtown and it's not as easy to park there, but there are residential streets and it's not impossible. Generally, I'd say avoid the Village for parking.

            Don't worry about driving here - just take it easy, watch out for sudden starts and stops by cabs, do not use bus lanes and simply check out a Manhattan street map before you arrive so you know which avenues go North or South and the easiest ways to get across town if need be. The main thoroughfares along the extreme east side and west side are the FDR Drive and West Side Highway, respectively. FYI, 5th Avenue is the official dividing line between "east" and "west" sides and it runs south through Manhattan. You can't park there - well, actually you can if it's above 59th Street because there are mostly residential apartments running along Fifth Avenue, along Central Park.

            Using Mass transit to get into Manhattan from my borough generally makes me nuts and takes so long. I can drive in faster and find parking. You can definitely find a garage at a discount or possibly street parking. Come on in! This New Yorker is green lighting you Again, don't let the driving daunt you but if indeed you feel it might be overwhelming, do follow Shayne's suggestions. A ride on the SI Ferry is a great, inexpensive way to ride through NYC Harbor!

            Hope you have a fantastic day in NYC!!
            Colleen Costello
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