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Summer weather in the southern states

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  • Summer weather in the southern states


    I'm starting to consider destinations for next years trip to the USA. I have to travel in July or August and wondered just how hot and humid it is at that time of year. Anybody out there care to tell me ?

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    summer in the south

    We have a condo in gulf shores alabama and july and august are hot and humid 90s are the normal temps that time of year. the saving thing is we are on the gulf of mexico and there is always a breeze there. It is also high season for rentals because people from farther inland are there to escape the really hot and humid weather. The beaches are sugar white and the water is great. I recomend it as a great place to vacation your 45 min from pensacola fla and just over an hour from mobile ala and 2 her from the casinos at biloxi


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      I guess reading between the lines of your reply that its OK by the coast but deadly inland ?


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        Summer weather in the South

        Yes, the South is very hot in the summer, and yes, it is very humid, but I wouldn't say deadly.
        I have visited siblings over the years living in Mobile, AL; Athens, GA; Nashville, TN; and Naples, FL. Until this year these visits have all been in the summer with very few exceptions. I have even done Disney World in August and survived and enjoyed it.
        I don't know what kind of activities you plan for your vacation, but there is lots to do and see in the southern states. Of course being near the water is great, and away from the beaches, it is hot. However, practically every place any activity takes place in doors is air conditioned, movies, shops, restaurants, etc. You need only pop inside for a couple of minutes to refresh yourself to head out into the heat again.
        Wherever you go and whatever you do, be sure to bring sunglasses, a hat and lots of sun screen. Carrying water doesn't hurt either. The South is great even in the heat. Enjoy! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img]
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          I live in the Sea Islands of South Carolina... It is the humidity not the heat that gets the average visitor. The best months are March & October. However, it can be HOT any day of the year!


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            Summer weather in the South

            It's hot and humid, especially for someone coming from the UK. The good news is that buildings and cars are air-conditioned. Outside during the day it will be in the high 80's and low 90's day and night. Have fun!


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              July and August are the hottest months wherever you go. Have you considered the New England States? It is beautiful. As they say about the other states the coast will be better.


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                Re: Summer weather in the southern states

                Currently we are having pop-up thunderstorms just about everyday in the afternoon!


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                  Re: Summer weather in the southern states


                  Hi, we are very hot,and dry in Concord, CA, in northern CA; we get up into the 90's and above in the 3 numbers during the summer, and into "Indian Summer" of the Fall. Is it anything like a very hot California, except humid? Cause, I have lived in the "desert area" Sacramento, CA,and it can be 104 in the shade there, but the nights are cool,and clear,and you can see all the stars overhead. Very nice. We think it is pretty much like the desert; anything like Concord, or even Sacramento? How would a California person fare there?? : )


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                    Re: Summer weather in the southern states

                    As you can tell, it depends in part on what state or states you're thinking of visiting. In Southern Florida, it's hot, generally in the 90's, and very humid. Those months are also during the rainy season, so you're likely to see some rain, although usually for only a short period of time during a day, with most of the day being sunny. July and August are also within hurricane season, so if you're thinking of the Gulf coast or eastern states you could encounter a storm. However, almost every place other than the outdoors is air conditioned, and most of the time it's very pretty and sunny outside, and great if you like water activities.


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                      Re: Summer weather in the southern states

                      NJ is hot, hot, hot, and humid,humid, humid. But we have Atlantic City,That in itself makes up for it, not to mention Great Adventure, And the good ole Jersey Shore. Have Fun.


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                        Re: Summer weather in the southern states

                        There have been many times I was in South Florida during the summer months and found that the weather down there was better than it was at home, which is the notoriously hot & humid City of New York!! We don't have the same risk of hurricanes to be sure, but there are always usually some kind of a breeze and if not, well EVERYTHING is a/c'd and folks don't go from house to hot car; most have them covered by carport or in garages. So I guess it's a matter of perspective....but NYC summers, as was the case w/ Summer 2005, Florida would have been a better choice!! I've also been to Disney World in summer - when lots of folks go because school is out - and aside from the 2pm shower (colossal tip: when it starts raining and everyone runs inside the gift shops, move ahead to the front of the line!! )) we managed alright indeed. Plus, in Florida there's almost always an easy remedy to cool off if one is outside, whether seaside or inland - take a dip! Most folks have pools, live in a community with pools, has a friend with a pool or live near the beaches so you can always go into the water. Sometimes there are shark warnings so just be cautious and mind the posted warnings.

                        Don't not go; there are many nice destinations in Florida and you won't melt or swelter too terribly much. It's always nice to get away from home, see some palm trees and pretty flowers, wildlife (my Mom has a family of cranes that "live" in her community; she enjoys their goings on very much!!) and more. Anyplace is what you make of it, when you get right down to it; you make the best of you can and enjoy wherever you are - find alternatives if there is a bad spell of weather, have other activities on standby just in case!
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