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Thread: Eating, reasonably, in DC

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    Default Eating, reasonably, in DC

    We will be in DC from the 12th to the 17th of July with our 3 kids, all teenagers. We are trying to do this as cheap as possible while not having unreasonable expectations. Nights will be spent camping in Fairfax county and taking the Metro in and out of DC. How do we find some what reasonable places to eat? Any suggestions?

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    Hi there,

    I actually just had dinner in DC at a very reasonable place on Sunday night: Stoney's, at 1433 P Street near Logan Circle. I can't seem to find a web site for it, but if you google it you'll see some reviews/info. It's a casual bar/grill type place, and just about everything on the menu costs less than $10. Our group of five ordered a pizza (reportedly very good, though I didn't try it), a few Greek salads (nothing special, but good) and a crabcake sandwich (ditto). I've heard that the burgers and grilled cheese are well worth trying too!

    As for finding other affordable places, get a good guidebook and check out the options at the cheap end of their listings, or go online and do a search for Washington DC dining -- in many cases you can go onto dining sites and filter your search results by price.

    Good luck. Hope that helps!
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