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Thread: Bumping and Overbooking

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    Default Bumping and Overbooking

    Got a question about being bumped from an overbooked flight? Have any tips for volunteering your seat and getting goodies from the airline? Share your thoughts on bumping and overbooking here!

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    Bumping and Overbooking
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    Default Re: Bumping and Overbooking

    Volunteer as soon as you get to the gate.
    Continue to hang around the gate so the gate agent notices you.
    Ask for credit vouchers. These come with limited restrictions. When you use them, you'll earn miles for your travel. If they offer you a free ticket, it will be subject to the rules and regualtions... You know what that means. That's not to say a free ticket isn't worthwhile. You have to decide.
    Remember to ask... sometimes the agent will put you on the next flight in business or first class, but only if you ask!!

    When the agent calls you...say something like if you need my seat today, I'd be happy to volunteer.
    Make sure you know exactly what the deal is before you give up your seat. If there's any confusion, you end up with the short end of the stick.

    Keep asking for additional perks. Once, on an international flight, I negotiated an upgrade to business on my return flight. If the gate agent really needs your seat, they'll give you anything. Of course, your mileage may vary.

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