Poll: What's your favorite thing about traveling alone?

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Thread: Traveling Solo

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    Traveling by yourself can be an exciting, scary, even life-changing experience. What's your favorite thing about solo travel? Vote in our poll!

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    As much as I love traveling with friends and my husband, I also LOVE traveling alone. I can come and go as I please! And I almost always make new friends (I'll talk to just about anyone). One of my favorite solo trips was to Helsinki, Finland -- being able to sightsee and shop on my own schedule was a real pleasure, and it is a safe city to walk around in by yourself no matter the hour. I even went to the amusement park by myself, and had a great time. But it's not for everyone...

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    I checked off a bunch of these. I remember being so scared the first time I traveled alone, but after that first time I discovered it wasn't a big deal -- and was even pretty fun! I like being able to do what I want, when I want. SO sometimes gets bored in museums, but I can take as much time as I need when I'm alone.
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    I love travelling alone. Can come and go when I want, change plans at any minute, and I always make great time and going solo.

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