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Thread: Places to go in Mauritius

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    Default Places to go in Mauritius

    Does anyone have any advice about where to go in Mauritius? Don't want just a beach holiday...

    For anyone else planning a trip to Mauritius, check out this really useful website.

    It has loads of travel tips about culture, currency and language plus more.

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    Default Re: Places to go in Mauritius

    Erm, I have to say when I was in Mauritius there was VERY little to do that wasn't based around a beach holiday for a couple.

    There is a zoo/animal park that was pretty good, and I'd recommend a helicopter ride round the island. Or go and learn about the Diego Garcia refugees if thats more your thing.... theres also old colonnial estates that are quite pretty.

    Overall we - as a big group of mostly blokes - found it difficult to find things to do, as it seemed that most of the tourists on the island were honeymooners.

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    Default Re: Places to go in Mauritius

    Some of the best places to see visit in Mauritius are
    1.The Naval Museum in Mahebourg
    2.The nature park of Domaine Les Pailles
    3.Falls of Tamarin
    4.Finest beaches likeFlic en Flac, Le Morne & Tamarin, Blue Bay, Belle Mare, Pereybere and Grand Bay.
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