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Thread: The Top Travel Secrets of Writers and Bloggers

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    Default The Top Travel Secrets of Writers and Bloggers

    We asked 35 travel writers and bloggers to share their best travel secrets -- and you can check them out below. What travel wisdom would you add to this list?

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    Sarah Schlichter
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    Default Re: The Top Travel Secrets of Writers and Bloggers

    Due to all the travel delays folks are facing due to flight cancellations related to the volcanic eruptions in Iceland, and the fact most airlines won't cover your accommodations for weather or acts of God, especially if you are at the point of origin of your trip ( as oppossed to a connecting city enroute) consider the following for future travel:
    Bring along an extra credit card you haven't maxed out. Visa and Mastercard are the most accepted.
    If there are two of you traveling together and you have seperate bank accounts, take both ATM cards. Bear in mind that machines aren't always stocked as often abroad as in the US. (My experiences in Italy come to m ind).
    In a worse case scenario, many currency exchange offices with give you a cash advance on a credit card, but beware of the fees.

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