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Thread: BEST time to travel in Nepal?

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    Default BEST time to travel in Nepal?

    my boyfriend and I are into adventures and we can't wait until our next travel. we're planning to visit Nepal next year but i wonder what's the best time/season to go there? Any suggestions? i'll be happy for your replies..thanks!

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    Default Re: BEST time to travel in Nepal?

    Nepal many tourists is the mountaineering enthusiasts keen to reach Mount Everest base camp or Kanchanaburi mountain circuit. However, there is more to Nepal than travel long distances, so if you're going to Nepal travel, but faced challenges, there are many other options available.

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    Post Re: BEST time to travel in Nepal?

    The best time to travel in Nepal is during winter season.
    You can plan your trip after October.It is the best time to travel in Nepal.

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