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Thread: Cheapoair false advertising

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    Default Cheapoair false advertising

    When pricing flights from Germany to the USA, I found 3 sites that were within a few dollars of each other for the same flight. I went with Cheapoair because at the top of their webpage they advertised "$15 off service fees". Not to be fooled I clicked the link that listed the fees and made sure there were, indeed, service fees being charged. It listed a $26 service fee that would be charged for all domestic and international flights. Satisfied that my fare would be discounted $15 dollars toward these service fees, I followed through with the purchase. Unfortunately, by the time my ticket was issued, this discount did not materialize. I began my series of email correspondence with Cheapoair customer service. Their reply each time was the same, that no service fees were charged to have a discount applied. I pointed out that the $15 coupon was misleading but each time was simply told that there was no service fees charged, but that they would be happy to send me a credit for my NEXT cheapoair purchase. I made it clear that I had no intention of making another purchase through a company that utilizes such deceptive advertising methods, so such a credit would be worthless.

    The purpose of advertising this so called "$15 credit toward service fees" is now obvious. It appears to discount the ticket just enough to make a traveler believe this would be the best place to make the ticket purchase. This deception worked on me. They should not be rewarded for their deception. STAY AWAY FROM CHEAPOAIR!!!

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    Default Re: Cheapoair false advertising

    I will also never use this service again. I paid for a flight with virgin from the UAE to Brisbane - got confirmation from cheapoair - but found my connecting flight from sydney to brisbane was not paid for by them! I had to pay an extra $360 to virgin to get to where I had already paid to go. I have tried for three months now to get my money back and am told it is still awaiting 'approval'! I will go on every traveler site every week until I get my money back.

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