Poll: Are you scared of flying?

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Thread: Poll of the Week: Are You a Nervous Flier?

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    Default Poll of the Week: Are You a Nervous Flier?

    Are you a fearful flier? Vote in our poll!
    Sarah Schlichter
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    Default Re: Poll of the Week: Are You a Nervous Flier?

    I am an extremely nervous flyer - however I do it anyway because my desire to travel is greater then my fear !

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    Default Re: Poll of the Week: Are You a Nervous Flier?

    JennK, I feel more or less the same! It's a necessary evil. I am calm enough as long as everything goes smoothly, but takeoff and landing always make my heart race, and I start clutching the armrests at the first sign of turbulence. Doesn't help that I'm prone to motion sickness.

    I do love being close enough to a window to look down at a new place, or at my home city as I approach. Either way I'm always glad to arrive.
    "I haven't been everywhere yet, but it's on my list." -- Susan Sontag

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    Default Re: Poll of the Week: Are You a Nervous Flier?

    I love flying- it's the boredom of long flights that put me off; the waiting in airports (especially if you've to be there to check in as much as 3 hours early!!!); the immigration and customs people who can be so frustrating. The actual flight is lovely- at first; I adore the take-off, although I'm a bit thrown when we start to come down, and the ground rushes up to meet you.
    These days, I'm not too happy with more than 5 or six hours....I'm just getting out of boredom into frustration by then.
    We'll probably do the 10 hour flight to the Caribbean one more time, but we'll come back by ship!

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    Cool Re: Poll of the Week: Are You a Nervous Flier?

    I used to be. It got so bad I completely quite flying. Although I never did it much. But after 9/11 and all the hysteria from that I decided it was my patriotic duty to fly. I have been taking a few trips a year since then. Now, its the boarding I hate since I look like Cyrus the Virus from Con Air in my passport photo.

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