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Thread: Boat/Ship from Panama to S. America!

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    Default Boat/Ship from Panama to S. America!

    A friend and I are in a trip from the border of the US/Canada all the way
    to Brasil. We would like to do it all by ground/water if all possible.

    We are searching for info on boats/ships sailing from Panama all the way
    to Ecuador... maybe even Brasil if thatīs what comes up. Do you have any
    info on the subject? It has been really hard to find anything going by
    water to South America; Colombia, Peru, Chile...etc.

    We would like to sail/off in the middle of this month - about one to two
    weeks from now. If you can help in any way, that would be great! Please contact me via e-mail at <hademelo@mtu.edu>.

    Cheers! Kiko

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    Default Re: Boat/Ship from Panama to S. America!

    Panama to Cartagena in Colombia by boat is common and quite easy to do. From there you could travel down the west coast, or travel via Venezuela to Manaus in Brazil, from where you'll need to put your car on a boat downriver for a couple of days!

    Panama to Colombia is the simplest route.

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